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Hypnotherapy and Tapping Healing with Dawn Hassmann

Season 3, Ep. 93

Growing up in the western world, we’ve been mainly exposed to traditional forms of medicine and therapy. For this reason, when we hear words like “hypnotherapy” or “tapping, we can be a bit skeptical about their effectiveness. The truth is that these holistic healing techniques have been practiced for hundreds of years worldwide and have healed countless people, including members of my family. When my husband went through a very stressful situation at work, we reached out to Dawn Hassmann, and thanks to her tapping teaching, he completely healed. I am so grateful for her, and I can’t wait for you to listen to this episode to learn what hypnosis and EFT tapping can really do. 


Today’s guest, Dawn Hassmann, will tell us why she decided to become a hypnosis and tapping practitioner, the benefits of these practices, and why every healing process starts within ourselves. 


Dawn Hassmann is a certified hypnotherapist and advanced EFT Meridian tapping. She graduated with honors from the hypnosis motivation Institute in Los Angeles, the first nationally accredited college of hypnotherapy. Her scope of practice is vocational self-improvement. Dawn had had a long history of medical challenges starting when she was three years old, and she strongly believes in the mind-body connection. Her specialties include the advanced Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT tapping, insomnia, autoimmune diseases, inner child pain management, stress reduction for chronic conditions, and cancer. 


Some Questions I Ask:

  • Where did you grow up? (7.03)
  • What’s the difference between hypnotherapy and EFT tapping? (28.25)
  • How can Amigas reach you, Dawn? (35.47)


In This Episode You Will Learn: 

  • How some health challenges led Dawn to study hypnotherapy (11.06)
  • 88% of what we do is controlled by the subconscious mind (20.40)
  • Using tapping to get rid of limiting belief (31.50)


Connect with Dawn Hassmann: 


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