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Gratitude During This Break

Ep. 10

I am so excited to be able to announce that the United States now has a woman of color in the White House! The Latinas showed up to the polls this election and it shows - thank you to all of you who voted and made your voice heard!

In this episode, I am talking to you - just me and you - in honor of reaching my 10th episode. I have gone through quite the personal journey since our worlds were put on pause due to COVID-19 and I am here to share it with you. While I was resistant during the beginning of the global pandemic, I have found 3 R’s that have helped me to grow during this pandemic - or break, as I prefer to call it. 

Tune in to learn how to use this time to reframe, recharge, and recalibrate. Enjoy Amigas! 

In This Episode You Will Learn 

  • Statistics about Latinas voting in the 2020 Presidential Election (2:08)
  • My passion for this podcast (4:48) 
  • My gratitude journey throughout the global pandemic (6:00)
  • My explanation of the first of my “3 R’s” - Reframe (10:17)
  • How I have applied the 2nd R - Recharge (13:44)
  • What the 3rd R - Recalibrate - means (15:23)
  • Questions to ask yourself to apply the 3 R’s to your life (19:12)
  • How to register for the free, virtual Amiga meetup on December 11th (21:11)

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Discovering Your Intuition with Laura Marcos

Ep. 8
Before I dive into this week’s episode, I want to remind all Amigas that November 3rd is fast approaching. As Latinas, our voting power is huge. Make your voice heard!Intuition is powerful, but how many of us can actually access, engage, and develop our intuitive abilities? Ask yourself, how strong is your intuitive ability? What can you do to hone in on your intuition?Today’s guest, Laura Marcos, will help you answer all of these questions. Laura is a leading voice in intuitive education, sacred relationships, and indigenous healing. She has spent 17 years as a school counselor, educator, interfaith minister, and guardian of Earth-based medicine. Laura empowers all groups of people to experience their own intuitive gifts for incredible well being and limitless manifestation. She joins me today and will also be joining me in November as an expert for my Living Macro Mastermind class.Tune in to Episode 8 to learn how to access your intuitive ability and why plant healing rivals Western medicine.Some Questions I Ask:Where were you born and what lights you up? (8:05)How do we hone in on our intuitive ability? (15:03)How can someone work with you to get this intuition? (19:22)Can you tell us more about plant healing medicine? (25:49)Can the herbs coexist with Western medicine? (32:16)Do you think that in order to heal yourself you have to have the mindset that the plant will heal you? (34:38)What is next for you? (37:57)In This Episode You Will Learn:Laura’s background as a Cuban American (8:55)Laura’s inspirational career journey (11:20)How to discover your intuitive ability (15:21)How Lisa can help you engage and develop your intuition (19:34)The art of herbalism and the benefits of plant healing medicine (26:00)How your thoughts determine your reality (34:50)Laura’s online community and retreat details (38:22)Laura’s advice on how to handle your shit (42:17)Connect with LauraWebsiteFacebookLinkedInInstagramLet’s Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInJackie Tapia Arbonne website

Your Vote Matters with Linda Salomon Saldana

Ep. 7
Now’s the time to let your voice be heard.100 years ago, the 19th Amendment was added to the United States Constitution, which allowed women the right to vote. Right now, there’s so much conflict and unrest throughout the country, we need our leaders to step up and have our voices heard. The best way to do that is to vote. Whether at the polls or by mail, this is how you can contribute to paving the way of the future for yourself and your children.Your vote and your voice matter.My dear friend, Linda Salomon Saldana, a civic leader and non-profit director, knows first-hand how important it is to vote. In 2015, Linda ran for a seat on the Downey Unified School District Board of Education but narrowly lost the election by just a few votes. Now, she’s the founder of the Downey Foundation for Educational Opportunities.Throughout this episode, Linda shares her journey as a Latina in America, mother of three, and civic leader. Founded on her work ethic, common sense, and ability to get her shit together, Linda has made waves her local community and is helping more students get the education they deserve.Tune in to learn more about Linda’s journey, what she’s learned, and how she serves her community.In This Episode You Will Learn:Linda’s background and how she got to where she is today. (10:43)How Linda reacted to the realization that the career she initially pursued wasn’t quite right for her. (21:55)How Linda got her start on Telemundo. (25:44)What it was like to transition to a stay-at-home-mom for Linda. (32:50)What led Linda to run for the Downey Unified School District Board of Education. (35:21)Why YOUR VOTE matters! (43:50)How Linda realized what her purpose is in her community. (48:29)Resources:Downey Foundation for Educational OpportunitiesLet’s Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInJackie Tapia Arbonne website

Modeling the Path from Surviving to Thriving with Diana Gallo

Ep. 6
What will it take for you to make a powerful change in your life?It’s easy to get stuck in the mundane routines of life, living into the status quo. Sometimes that means we don’t eat healthy foods, don’t move our bodies enough, or even don’t care for our mental health in the ways we need to.For my dear friend Diana Gallo, it took a health scare to push her to make those necessary shifts in her life. Diana has worked as a model for over 20 years and is truly beautiful on both the inside and outside. She’s the founder of Manhattan Model Studio, has appeared on magazine covers, commercials, TV shows, music videos, movies, and so much more.However, modeling wasn’t always her focus, even though it was something that truly enjoyed. She used to spend her time working in courtrooms, draining her energy and dreading every day there. It was only when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 44 that she decided to take her life in a new direction: focus on getting grounded, become a yoga instructor, and dive deep into modeling.Tune in to learn more about Diana’s journey and the lessons she’s learned in life so far.Some Questions I Ask:What advice do you have for those that have breast cancer right now? (16:22)What is an intuitive healer? (22:12)What is priming? (27:57)How do you handle your shit, Amiga? (39:14)In This Episode You Will Learn:How I met Diana Gallo. (6:05)How Diana reevaluated her priorities after being diagnosed with breast cancer. (10:27)How yoga changed Diana’s life. (13:51)The 7 chakras within you and what happens when they get blocked. (22:42)How Diana’s morning routine sets her up for a successful day. (28:05)How yoga, meditation, and prayer all help you tap into Source. (34:21)Resources:The Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline MyssConnect with Diana Gallo:Manhattan Model StudioLinkedInLet’s Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInJackie Tapia Arbonne website