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Flashback From The Vault - Be At Service, Trust, And Surrender To Find The Magic with Veronica Franco and Ashley Gonor

Season 3, Ep. 118

Here's some advice for those working with sales, what makes a salesperson successful is not the numbers they bring in but the problems they solve for their clients. Sales are not about selling; it is about being at service. 

This week, in the last episode of the vault series, I revisit my conversation with Veronica Franco, my sister from another mother, and with Ashley Gonor; in the episode where we reversed roles, and she interviewed me on my own podcast. Veronica is the Vice President at Provident Title Company; she is a relentless Latina with over 20 years in the Title Industry and a beautiful and inspiring story to share about the courage needed to reinvent ourselves. 

Ashley is an Empowering Mindset Coach, a powerhouse of a woman Creator of the Raising Confidence Course, and Host of the Uncover Your Magic Podcast. 

Throughout our conversation, we dive into Veronica's journey, her upbringing going back to Mexico with her family and the return to America with her mother, her moment of clarity about what she wanted for her life, and her first years in the Title Industry. We also talk about her unique approach to sales, networking, and the true meaning of being at service. With Ashley, we explore the power of surrendering to what is to come with the only certainty of trusting the process. 

Tune in to Episode 118 of Amiga, Handle Your Shit and learn about Veronica's unique approach to sales and networking and the unlimited power of trusting yourself. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit about Veronica's upbringing (4:59)
  • Moving to Tijuana and coming back to America (8:04)
  • Veronica's first setback and the humbling experience of being forced to start over (12:07)
  • The importance of investing in improving yourself (21:01)
  • The debilitating experience of being a lawyer (28:26)
  • Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change (34:24)
  • Trust and surrender to the outcome (39:13)

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Season 3, Ep. 116
Sometimes, the best way to handle our shit and deal with our insecurities and doubts about what we can do or where we belong as Latinas is as simple as showing up. In another flashback from the vault this week, I revisit the interviews with Azucena Maldonado, the golf Queen, and Danay Escanaverino. Azucena, an immigrant from northern Mexico, inspired a movement that has taken over the world of golf. She noticed the lack of feminine presence in the sport and decided to change the sport's landscape, getting involved and creating opportunities for Latinas that transcended the sport. She opened the doors and inspired thousands of badass Latinas to get involved in golf. She is the Founder and CEO of LGA, the Latinas Golfers Association, which has over 2,000 members.Danay is a Cuban immigrant, a Latina Entrepreneurs speaker, CEO and founder of LunaSol Media, and founder of LatinaMeetup. She was responsible for developing an integrated marketing plan to combine a suite of merged brands for a large interactive marketing agency and break into the online Hispanic and Latino markets.Throughout our conversation, we learn about Azucena's experiences joining a male-dominated sport and discovering the opportunities she could provide for women in the space, not only as golfers but also as businesswomen and entrepreneurs. Danay shared details of her unique career path and her voracious drive to learn new things that drove her into the tech marketing space. That road would open countless doors for her professional development and teach her everything she needed to learn to become an entrepreneur. Tune in to Episode 116 of Amiga, Handle Your Shit and learn more about these badass Latinas that worked so hard to change their and their sisters' lives. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Azucena's story and her love for golf (5:04)The main differences between golf in South and Central America and the US (9:12)The opportunities that golf can provide business-wise (15:17)Azucena's tip for amigas to handle their shit (21:50)About Danay's incredible story and life-changing decisions (25:19)A voracity for knowledge that led to becoming a tech marketing professional (30:15)Danay's tips for handling your shit (38:57)Connect with Azucena LinkedInTwitterFacebookLGA WebsiteConnect with Danay: TwitterWebsiteInstagramLet's Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInJackie Tapia Arbonne website

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Exploring your divine feminine intuition is as necessary and powerful as connecting with your intuition. This week, for the last episode of 2022, I revisit my conversation with Sandra Williams and Laura Marcos. Laura is renowned in intuitive education, sacred relationships, and indigenous healing. With over 17 of experience as a school counselor, educator, interfaith minister, and guardian of Earth-based medicine, she empowers people to experience their own intuitive gifts. Sandra is passionate about helping and uplifting women and paved her way as a woman of faith into conscious entrepreneurship and conscious co-creator with the divine. She is also an active participant in Prosperity Homes, a program that provides homes for single mothers who cannot afford them. We talk about engaging, accessing, and developing our intuitive abilities; we question how strong our intuitive ability is and what we can do to hone in on our intuition. We also learn how keeping in touch with the divine can help us uncover our fears, become who we truly are, and much more. Tune in to Episode 114 of Amiga, Handle Your Shit and learn about Sandra and Laura's background, upbringing, and connection with the divine and their intuition. In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Sandra's experiences studying in England and how it changed her perception of being at home (10:06)Laura and the values she got from her parents (12:01)The "one size fits all" environment Laura found in the educational system and decided to change (17:15)Sandra's transformational experience in Bali (20:37)How can someone wake up their intuition? (33:52)Sandra and Laura's advice on how to handle your shit (38:54)Connect with Sandra:WebsiteFacebookConnect with Laura:Website LinkedInLet's Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInJackie Tapia Arbonne website