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Between the Law and the Divine with Jackie Tapia

Season 2, Ep. 51

In March 2020, our lives took an unexpected turn. Covid 19 forced us to change our habits and social lives so suddenly we couldn’t even mentally prepare. For my family, everything started with the cancellation of my daughter’s birthday party. As a mother, I felt powerless and sad I couldn’t make my daughter happy. Dealing with the restrictions was hard, but understanding how to navigate all the other consequences Covid brought with it was even more so.

I lost my ex-assistant and dear friend of mine not so long ago, soon after taking her second dose of the Covid vaccine. Her name was Leonora Uribe, and she was a beautiful and bright soul. Her death struck a delicate chord inside of me; I felt that sensation of powerlessness again, now stronger than ever. She truly believed that taking the vaccine would have helped save other people’s lives as many others did, but she lost hers in the end. Her story made me think about how we can make the best choices for our families and us in such complex times as the one we live in.

As a lawyer, I genuinely think that looking at our past and our previous laws, in particular, can be a perfect way to start a critical analysis of this turbulent time and find a direction to move forward. In this episode, I will share my law discoveries and how the divine guides me all the time, allowing me to see through even the darkest times. 

Also, for those of you Amigas who need extra support or someone to talk to, I'm here for you. I opened up my calendar for some strategy sessions. Just click on the Work With Me link below and fill the form. I will get back to you with some availabilities. This is a women-only opportunity.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why I decided to do this solo podcast (4.59)
  • What is the 1947 Nuremberg Code, and what does it imply (13.24)
  • My advice about making decisions after you get your divine guidance (24.03)

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Baking as a Spiritual Calling with Mercy Fabila

Season 2, Ep. 49
Sometimes the most challenging and stressful moments of your life can bring you unexpected gifts if you listen and accept what the universe is sending your way. In the past year, the Covid pandemic turned upside down millions of people's lives. For the most part, people still struggle to overcome everything that happened and start again to live a normal life. However, some people took this bad event and transformed it into something positive, embracing a new way to live their lives.Today's guest, Mercy Fabila, will tell us how the loss of her marketing clients during the pandemic brought her to open a successful baking business, embracing a childhood dream again and finding a new way to live a life full of joy and positivity.Mercy Fabila has been a marketing consultant for health, wellness and wellness businesses throughout LA for nearly a decade. However, baking was always her tool to reduce severe anxiety and turn off the multiple tabs open in her head. Despite Mercy's strong interest in baking, she wasn't sure how to transform her passion into a real business. With the pandemic temporarily closing most of her client's businesses, she used this free time to bake for friends and family and bring them some sweet joy during these unexpected times. Mercy began testing out various rustic desserts recipes, and after a few months, the most requested dessert was her basque burnt cheesecake. Once she realized that this cake was not easily found, especially in the South Bay, she wanted to get it out there to her community, and she opened her successful new business, Bashi Bakes.Some Questions I Ask:How did you start a baking business without formal culinary training? (7.29)Where does the basque burnt cheesecake recipe come from? (17.59)Where can Amigas find your cakes? (24.04)In This Episode You Will Learn :How Mercy started her baking business. (11.21)Why bakery is Mercy's spiritual calling. (13.49)Mercy's tips about how to handle your shit. (28.07)Connect with Mercy FabilaInstagramFacebookBashi Bakes WebsiteLet's Connect!Amiga Way AcademyWebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInJackie Tapia Arbonne website

Health Advice for All Mujeres with Dr. Montes

Season 2, Ep. 48
How often do you go to the OB/GYN? Each and every woman's body is unique and it is important that we continue to take care of ourselves by seeking out healthcare and checkups from professionals.Today, I'm joined by the incredible Dr. Erica Montes, known as The Modern Mujer. Dr. Montes is a certified board Obstetrician and Gynecologist and a fellow of the American College of OB/GYN. Born and raised in Texas, Dr. Montes received her BA degree in Biology from the University of Texas at Austin. She then went on to receive her medical degree from the University of Texas Health Science Centre in San Antonio and completed her residency at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre, Parkland Hospital, where she was elected one of three chief residents at the largest program in the nation. Dr. Montes has also created a blog, The Modern Mujer, to achieve her goal of creating a bilingual online presence for women just like you to have a place to blossom into a Mujer who is more confident in her skin, knows what to expect from her body, and to transform gracefully over her lifetime.Dr. Montes’ advice is for all women, no matter what you look like or where you come from. The combination of Dr. Montes’ expertise as an OB/GYN along with her passion to help all of us become confident, healthy Mujeres is a testament to the truth in her advice. Throughout this episode, Dr. Montes talks about her medical background, the ways that women can maintain their health, what she sees to be of concern for women, and of course, her advice for Amigas to handle their shit.Tune in to Episode 48 of Amiga, Handle Your Shit, to learn Dr. Montes’ healthcare advice for women as a professional OB/GYN!Some Questions I Ask:How did your blog, The Modern Mujer, come to be? (6:57)What do you find to be the most threatening area of concern for women? (12:59)What is an operative report? (18:54)What are one or two tips for Amigas to handle their shit? (30:36)In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Dr. Montes’ upbringing (4:52)Dr. Montes’ advice for all women to take care of their bodies (8:48)How Dr. Montes helps her clients understand what’s going on in their body (17:20)The surgery that is most common for Dr. Montes to operate (21:44)Dr. Montes’ advice for younger women and older women (25:11)Connect with Dr. MontesBlog - The Modern MujerInstagramFacebookLinkedInLet's Connect!Amiga Way AcademyWebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInJackie Tapia Arbonne website

Building A Female Powerhouse Company with Kate Jerkens

Season 2, Ep. 47
Deciding to change your career path is not easy. You can have a lot of doubts and feel very confused about the steps you have to take. The best thing you can do is develop a plan of action without taking too many risks. Prepare a plan B. Think big and be open-minded. You’ll never know what the universe will send in your direction.Today’s guest, Kate Jerkens, took the bold decision to leave her career of 15 years in the hotel business to help build what now is a very successful whiskey company. Kate will tell us about her decision and the history behind the whiskey company.With over 15 years of experience in the hotel and hospitality industry under her belt, Kate Jerkins brings a fresh perspective to the spirits world. Kate works to solidify Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey as the top premium spirits brand alongside distributors, bars, and restaurants worldwide. Kate joined the Uncle Nearest team before its launch in 2017 when founder and CEO Fawn Weaver approached her about the idea of starting the whiskey brand. Her extensive experience leading sales teams and ability to grow and cultivate global companies through her leadership has proven invaluable for the brand, which reached nationwide distribution in less than two years after the initial knock launch.Some Questions I Ask:What was the reason you left the hotel business? (10.14)Which is the story’s behind the whiskey? (18.07)Can you provide one or two tips on how Amigas can handle her shit? (30.25)In This Episode, You Will Learn:How Kate moved from the hotel business to the whisky’s one. (10.19)The reality of being a woman in a whiskey business. (14.05)Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey’s background story. (18.11)Connect with Kate JerkensInstagram LinkedInUncle Nearest Premium WhiskeyLet's Connect!Amiga Way AcademyWebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInJackie Tapia Arbonne website