Amiga, Handle Your Shit


A Brave Journey to Freedom with Beatriz García

Season 2, Ep. 40



It is said that people only make radical changes when they experience extreme situations. Being choked and beaten in front of their children by her husband, who then beat both kids, was Beatriz's pivotal moment. The fact that she didn't have an ID or a job or that she didn't even speak English at the time didn't stop her; she got her kids, left the house, walked to the nearest Police Station, and asked for help. 


Today, I'm joined by Beatriz García, a former client who survived domestic violence and came to the show to tell her story. Beatriz described the horrors of over a decade of abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex-husband, who hired a coyote to bring her from Mexico to America and kept her captive in her own house, denying her to work or learn English. 


Beatriz tells her story in a raw tone, using simple words to describe some of the most horrible types of abuse, the calvary her life was, and how she managed to escape against all odds. 


Tune in to Episode 40 of Amiga, Handle Your Shit, and learn Beatriz's redemption story. 


Some Questions I Ask:

  • Tell us where are you from and how did you get into the U.S? (4:54)
  • Did your ex-husband was already violent and manipulator when you met him, or it started when your kids were born? (9:24)
  • When was the moment when you decided you have had enough of the abuse? (12:54)
  • How is your life after you got legalized? (27:33)


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How it was for Beatriz to get illegally into the U.S and being forced to leave one of her kids at the border for one week (5:56)
  • The first red flag. When Beatriz knew her ex-husband was a violent man (9:44)
  • Not even a dog's life. How was Beatriz's life living with her ex-husband (11:53)
  • Christmas and New Year’s Eve at the police station. The beginning of Beatriz's new life (15:54)
  • How hard it was for Beatriz to get the VISA (22:49)
  • The reborn. How is Beatriz's life now after going through hell (28:01)



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