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10 American Presidents Presents: Ronald Reagan

Roifield Brown presents a discussion about the life and presidency of Ronald Wilson Reagan.

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  • Update: The Fault Line!

    The Fault Line: Bush, Blair and Iraq is now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you get great podcasts!
  • Introducing The Fault Line: Bush, Blair and Iraq

    Check out an introductory clip for The Fault Line: Bush, Blair and Iraq, a new podcast that explores the 18 months between September 11, 2001 and the start of the Iraq War and how the distrust in leadership response to crisis effects our world today. 
  • Marshall Ep. 29 - The Marshall Supremacy

    The Marshall Court establishes the supremacy of Federal law in a series of landmark cases.
  • American Biography Update

    Please join our American Biography group on Flick. Speech Conference tickets and information:
  • Marshall Ep. 28 - Cousin Tom

    An analysis of the fraught relationship and bitter rivalry between Thomas Jefferson and John Marshall which shaped a nation.
  • Special Announcement: The Spoils System!

    Info about American Biography's new supporter reward program: The Spoils System!
  • Marshall Ep. 27 - Marshall at Work

    In this episode we track the changes occurring within the Supreme Court along with those of a transforming nation.
  • The State of the Podcast Address

    Herein I lay out the rationale for premium bonus episodes and how you can get them!Listen to "The Passion of John Quincy Adams" by becoming a patron on Patreon at -or- by making a PayPal donation of $5 or more by clicking PayPal.Me/AmericanBiography today!