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The Queen & US Presidents

We had plans today to release the first two episodes of American History Hit but due to the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II last week, we’ve decided to take some time and do something a little different.

You’ll hear those episodes on Thursday September 22, until then here’s a special mini episode looking into the Queen’s historic meetings with US presidents who served during her 70 years on the throne. As she reminded George W Bush in 2003, "unlike in the United States, the British head of state is not limited to two terms of four years, and I have met no less that seven of your predecessors".

Elizabeth’s reign saw her meet thirteen of the last fourteen presidents, from dinner with Kennedy, to touring Buckingham Palace with Nixon. Dancing with Ford, to watching baseball with Bush Senior. Dining with Obama to banqueting with Trump - she’s likely to have met more American presidents than anyone else in history. 

American History Hit will officially launch on Thursday 22nd September.

Senior Producer: Charlotte Long. Producer: Benjie Guy. Mixed by Charlotte Long.

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This episode includes music from Epidemic Sound

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