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Ambridge on the Couch

Sweet, dessert or pudding?

Lucy and Mr Newbie discuss Steph's one dimension and the Horobin idea of hospitality. Brought to you by seaweed crisps.

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  • Fancy penknife

    Brian's surrealist 80th birthday party and Azra's here to stay. Oh yeah, and Rob died.
  • So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbyeeeee

    Is it cool to fail to attend your own 21st birthday? And why everyone needs a bit of Joy in their life....
  • Will no-one think of the animals?

    Eddie avoids the firework fallout and what should Helen do?
  • Viva spaghetti

    Pip, Stella and Ruth's odd menage, how do you mess up spaghetti and it's the beginning of the end for Rob.
  • The Famous Four Go Bowling

    The Uncanny podcast visits Ambridge for Hallowe'en and what exactly is it that Adil's rescuing?
  • Someone shut those guinea pigs up

    An emotional rollercoaster of a week is discussed, we express our huge annoyance at missing Pip telling Jill about her new-found sexuality and Febreze tries out mindless meditation with Kate.
  • Squalid gazebo

    We sympathise with Adil, continue cheering Usha and Harriet wants to go to the ball.
  • Muscular Christianity

    There's a lot of honey, cheering for Usha and worry for Brad on this week's episode.
  • Lark Rise to...oh, sod off

    Life's a picnic for Piella and did someone mention a book?