Alternate Universe City

A collaborative, queer, chaotic storytelling podcast for neurodivergent creators, by neurodivergent creators.

With zany years of experience working in traditional and indie publishing, TV/film production, screenwriting, radio, and living comedy, drama, and horror stories--some more fictional than others--Co-Hosts Rey (he/they) and V (she/they) surprise and delight listeners at every twisty turn of the journey from writing as a hobby to creating as a lifestyle i.e. mining trauma challenges for fun and profit.

Season One is Just for Fun: in other words, for mutual enrichment and #growth. The AU City "FA/FO" model means that every Odd episode is a "Telly" episode (where we tell what we learned) and every Even episode is a "Showy" episode (where we show how we Did the Thing.) Follow along to co-learn as we go from our mutual mistakes (perfect is the enemy of fun) and thrilling victories!