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The Hundo.

Season 2022, Ep. 10

The Hundo is an outgrowth of #BadIdeaSaturday. My original plan was for this to be an intimate, private, offline experience in Alameda last week. Just about everything about this project changed far beyond that plan. And this is the first time I'm mentioning an upcoming Kickstarter in connection with this project which I only started considering about 24 hours before recording this podcast.

Please excuse some stumbles in words; the perfect in this case would almost certainly be the enemy of the good.

Cover photo taken by me at The Interval.

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  • 605. 5 June 2023: What Is A Hacker?

    Piece originally published in 2600: The Hacker Quarterly's Spring 2023 issue. Please buy a copy. Transcript via Medium.Transcript via Cohost.It took me a long time to come up with the answer to that question that I have to admit I wondered about most of my life. My answer's a little odd, but it's doubtful you expected anything less.
  • 602. 2 June 2023: TeamFAFO.

    So, who or what is #TeamFAFO?A little insight. Transcript via Medium.Transcript via Cohost.
  • 601. 1 June 2023: Verbing the Noun

    A simple mindfulness exercise that can help ground you in the moment. Transcript via Medium.Transcript via Cohost.
  • 531. 31 May 2023: Restarting again

    Transcript on MediumTranscript on CohostThe last six months have been various flavours of unexpected. Here's an update on what I've been doing, what I'm doing next, and where things will go from here.CW: Mentions of abuse and body issues.
  • 15. Breaking patterns

    transcript linkCW: Mention of addiction without referencing any specific addictionsA short ep for the end of the year.We all have patterns in our lives. Some of them can cause harm. This is a short bit of support for anyone trying to break any of the patterns in their lives that don't help them anymore.
  • 14. A Wake-Up Call.

    GoFundMe link to help me separate from my abusersTranscript on Cohost Instagram post Mastodon postWell, this is why i haven’t released an episode for a couple weeks. Thanks for your patience. The generic warning here would be that this episode contains content which, while not explicit or offensive, may distress some listeners. Discretion is advised.More formally, this is your content warning regarding domestic violence, domestic abuse, childhood trauma, and PTSD. Fortunately none of the discussed traumas are sexual but I’m not taking any chances in this trigger warning. If you want to skip this episode, I totally understand. I’ll still be here. Of all the topics i was hoping to talk about in this podcast, i never thought this particular topic would come up as while i do discuss that which I have lived through, i didn’t think domestic violence and domestic abuse would be on that list. And yes, I do have an ask in this podcast. Link is in the description and i genuinely wish i didn’t need to make this ask. The short version: i was verbally, physically, psychologically and financially abused. This was so extreme i ended up in hospital and i’m recording this from a secure secret location. I need help rebuilding my life after this. I have a GoFundMe set up, and contributions to help me reset after this epic personal disaster would be appreciated. 
  • 13. Fact Vs Truth

    Transcript on the show via Help me pay the cat and feed the bills. There is a very good reason why I sometimes say, "truthful and factual." This show is a factual as it can be and as truthful as it needs to be. Here's a little insight why I say this, and why I am very precise with the language I use. Every word I choose to communicate is, at least to my imperfect undersanding, true. Cover art: Stable Diffusion, prompt: "the cake is a lie"
  • 12. The Three Word Exercise

    Full transcript is at via Help me feed the bills and pay the cat. This is a little different from a normal episode. After mentioning this mindfulness exercise on Mastodon, I thought it might be nice to share it and see if it helps anyone else. This was shared by a friend of mine that’s training to be a therapist. I don’t know the provenance of this exercise or if she came up with it herself, but she’s a friend, she offered me this idea in a time of crisis, and it seemed to help so I’m offering it to anyone that wants or needs it. This is where the obligatory disclaimers come in. I’m sharing something that worked for me. There’s no guarantee that this will help anyone else, your mileage may vary. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s perfectly ok. Don’t stress about it.I’m also going to be very explicit about one other detail: This is an effort at manipulation. I want to help change how you see things, if only in the moments you choose to try this exercise. But more on that at the end of the episode.