Almost World Famous Original Music Jam

  • 1. AI...It Might Destroy The Music World!

    Jim, Cary and Martin share their view on AI. Jim explains how to use AI singers and gives other AI tips. Also discusses how to make a song more usable for underscores in TV and fiIm.
  • 5. How To Become a Music Composer

    So everyone wants to know how to become a music composer and get paid for it. Jim tells his story detailing how he got "in the biz". Also shares some pitfalls and explains the best way to keep working once you get started.
  • 4. Cary's Life Story

    Cary gives us some interesting background stories about his life and growing up in the "Hollywood" scene...
  • 3. Black Glossy Piano Stain

    Jim talks about different type of piano players. Cary and Jim do a couple silly songs and Martin tells us about his life as an Audio Guy.
  • 2. Play The Music

    Jim is jealous of guitar players and builds a piano like keyboard stand. The band does a "hillbilly" type jam and then gets nostalgic with a rock choir graduation piece.
  • 1. It Starts!

    Alright, here we really go. Episode one introduces everyone and we get started having fun with the jam.
  • Christmas is Almost Here

    Alright, here we go! Introduction episode just in time for the Holiday Season.
  • Introducing the "Almost World Famous Original Music Jam" podcast.

    Here we go! Introducing the "Almost World Famous Original Music Jam" podcast. Jim Gaynor, Cary Drake, Martin Stebbing and cast get it started...