All Rather Mysterious

The podcast that aims to unlock mysteries of the past with the key of fact. Hosted by John Rain (Smershpod), David Reed (Inside The Comedian) and Eleanor Morton.Follow us on Twitter:All Rather Mysterious - @AllRatherPodJohn - @MrKenShabbyEleanor ...

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  • 1. The Ninth Legion

    David takes us "Roman" over the northern boarder to find out just what happened to The Ninth Legion. New theme by Warrington Runcorn New Town Development Plan.
  • 6. The Hopkinsville Goblins

    John tells a tale to David and Eleanor all about space goblins that visit in the night.
  • 5. El Chupacabra

    David takes John and Eleanor in search of a mythical beast, and they talk about films a bit too much again.
  • 4. Count of St Germain

    Eleanor takes us back to the past, to uncover the mystery of a man of supreme mystery, and immortality.
  • 3. Travis Walton and "The Fire in the Sky"

    John takes David and Eleanor back to the 1970s and tells a tale of a man abducted by bean-loving aliens.
  • 2. The Green Bicycle Case

    David takes Eleanor and John down a country lane to look into an unsolved murder involving a green bicycle.