All Things Dyslexia

  • 8. Dyslexia and Employment

    In episode 8 Series 8 we are joined by Elizabeth Arifien and Charlotte Edmonds, who will be discussing ‘Dyslexia and Employment’Elizabeth Arifien and Charlotte Edmonds are the founders of Move Beyond Words. They both met in 2018, shortly after discovering that as choreographers, teachers, facilitators, and artists, they both had been, exploring personal experiences, with dyslexia via dance and film. Collectively their research and work, has facilitated change within the dance industry for the next generation of artists.  Move Beyond Words CIC, seeks to amplify the voices of artists, with dyslexia in creative environments. They support each individual relationship and experience with dyslexia by stimulating conversations, surrounding their work with podcasts as well as dance performances, both live and digital.  Connect with Elizabeth Arifien and Charlotte Edmonds on social media: Website: Move Beyond WordsInstagram: Move Beyond Words (@movebeyondwords_) • Instagram photos and videosLinkedIn: (2) Move Beyond Words : Overview | LinkedInTwitter: Move Beyond Words (@movebeyondword_) / TwitterFacebook: (14) Move Beyond Words | Facebook  This podcast is funded by National Lottery Community Fund Social Enterprise Support Fund and Resonance Ltd
  • 7. Dyscalculia Explained

    In episode 7 Series 8 we are joined by Robert Jennings, who will be discussing ‘Dyscalculia Explained’ Robert Jennings is currently, Head of Maths at Emerson House, which is a special educational needs learning centre in West London. In this role, he assesses for math difficulties, sets out intervention plans for each pupil and directly teaches several pupils each day. Robert is responsible, for the C.P.D for the maths teaching team and enjoys training other teachers to become more aware of dyscalculia and how to teach pupils with math difficulties.  Robert Jennings co-founded the Dyscalculia Network, along with Cathryn Eadle, in 2020 and they were delighted with the progress achieved. The main objective is to raise awareness of this condition, as it is still relatively unknown within the educational world, as well as with parents and pupils. Robert has always had a passion for helping people and this compliments his love of teaching maths.     Connect with Robert Jennings on social media: Website: Homepage ( Instagram: Dyscalculia Network (@dyscalculianetwork) • Instagram photos and videos Twitter: The Dyscalculia Network (@DyscalculiaNet1) / TwitterEmail: info@dyscalculianetwork.comFacebook: (3) Dyscalculia Network | Facebook  This podcast is funded by National Lottery Community Fund Social Enterprise Support Fund and Resonance Ltd
  • 6. Dyslexia and Disorganisation

    In episode 6 Series 8 we are joined by Natalie Brooks, who will be discussing ‘Dyslexia and Disorganisation’ Natalie Brooks is the founder of Dyslexia in Adults. Established in 2019 the company works to create a safe and creative space to discuss both the challenges and strengths of being an adult with dyslexia.  After struggling in the workplace herself, Natalie created this community to offer support and empower individuals to better understand themselves.  Prior to this she worked in account management roles at several companies including Trainline and Amazon.  Connect with Natalie Brooks on social media:  LinkedIn: (12) Natalie Brooks | LinkedInWebsite: This podcast is funded by National Lottery Community Fund (Social Enterprise Support Fund) and Resonance Ltd
  • 5. Dyslexia and Emotional well-being

    In episode 5 Series 8 we are joined by Akua Opong, who will be discussing ‘Dyslexia and Emotional well-being’. Akua works as a Senior Analyst within the Corporate Technology team at London Stock Exchange Group. Outside of her main role, Akua is a keen diversity and inclusion advocate, a mental health champion Community Lead for the UK Charity Committee and LSEG’s Women’s Inspired Network. She is passionate about raising the profile of women in STEM, as a Cajigo Mentor and STEM Ambassador. Akua is a neurodiversity advocate (self identifies as Dyslexic and has ADHD), a fundraiser, Team London ambassador, a charity volunteer and a keen sports volunteer for Netball England and British Athletics. She has featured in Investment Week, Forbes, provided STEM career talk for various education institutions and been a panellist for One Tech World Conference 2021 discussing Harnessing Neurodiversity in Tech. In 2021, Akua also featured in the tech London advocates the Voices in the shadows book, Awarded Highly Commended for Role Model of the Year: Financial Services at Women in Tech Excellence 2021, Tech Women100 2021 Winner, Rising Star for Technology 2022 and Empower Top 100 Future Leader 2022.  Connect on social media: LinkedIn: (5) Akua Opong | LinkedInWebsite:  This podcast is funded by National Lottery Community Fund (Social Enterprise Support Fund and Resonance Ltd
  • 4. Is Dyslexia Misunderstood?

    In episode 4 Series 8 we are joined by Elizabeth Wilkinson MBE, who will be discussing ‘Is Dyslexia Misunderstood?’. Elizabeth has dedicated over two decades of her working career to raising greater understanding and awareness of dyslexia, in her home county of Shropshire as well as across the midlands, the UK and internationally. She is a qualified teacher and a Specialist Learning Difficulties (SpLD) teacher, specialising in working with adults, and a multi-award winner for her work as a dyslexia ambassador; recently receiving the honour of being named as an MBE in Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday Honours list 2022. Dyslexic herself, Elizabeth has experienced first-hand many of the challenges that navigating the education system and the wider world can present for dyslexics, and being autistic adds a second layer to her experiences both personally and professionally. Her ambition to create a more dyslexia-friendly world has been the driving force behind every undertaking or collaboration she has taken part in over the last 22 years; from teaching people about dyslexia, being a new teacher recruiter and mentor, to taking founding dyslexia information day and the dyslexia awards - everything is about raising that positive profile of dyslexics, offering inspiration and empowerment for her fellow dyslexics wherever possible.   Connect on social media: LinkedIn: The DDC – Raising Positive Dyslexia AwarenessNon- for-profit event: Dyslexia Awards – Celebrating Good Practice ( EliTheDDC  This podcast is funded by National Lottery Community Fund (Social Enterprise Support Fund and Resonance Ltd
  • 3. Dyslexia and Tech

    In episode 3 Series 8 we are joined by Jo Davidson, who will be discussing ‘Dyslexia and Tech’. Jo Davidson holds a BA degree in teaching, she is the director of Dragonfly Education Support (South Coast). The company works within the Disabled Student allowance (DSA), but also privately supports people that need a helping hand. Jo Davidson is a qualified teacher with QTL and has a big passion for helping people who may be struggling through their studies or in general life due to their disabilities. Currently Jo, is studying a counselling course, to provide another type of support. Jo has been working in this industry since 2010 and thoroughly enjoys giving support to those in need. Dragonfly is disabled led and understands what it is like to struggle with disabilities and diagnoses, they use their own experiences making sure that they support people as best as they can.  At Dragonfly, they provide face to face and remote support for study skills for SPLD and Autism, mentoring for Autism, mentoring for Asperger’s syndrome and Mental Health difficulties, plus assistive technology training. The support Dragonfly offers is available throughout the South Coast of England and Remote Training through a program called ‘Zoom’.  Connect with Jo Davidson on social media: LinkedIn: Jo (Barents) Davidson | LinkedInWebsite: Home ( This podcast is funded by National Lottery Community Fund (Social Enterprise Support Fund and Resonance Ltd 
  • 2. How to spell effectively with phonics

    In episode Series 8 Episode 2 we are joined by, Ayo Adesina holds a BSc Psychology with Business Management and Level 7 Professional Certificate in Structured Teaching Intervention Special Learning Difficulties (SpLD) and is currently working towards gaining her Dyslexia Assessor Certificate. Ayo has been working within the education field for the past 4 years and has experience as an Early Years Foundation Teaching Assistant, a 1-2-1 Intervention Teacher, and the Head of Music. As, a Specialist Dyslexia Teacher, her role has involved providing specialist sessions that specifically cater for the student and has delivered training to schools in Nigeria based on SpLD.   Connect with Ayodele Adesina on social media:  This podcast is funded by  National Lottery Community Fund, Social Enterprise Support Fund,  and Resonance Ltd.
  • 1. Dyslexia and Career Aspirations

    In episode Series 8 Episode 1 we are joined by Wendy Blenman a neurodivergent professional, with her own private practice in London. She is a qualified integrative counsellor, clinical and reflective supervisor, mentor, coach, lecturer, and trainer for over 25 years. She is a registered member of the British Association for counselling and Psychotherapy and The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network. Wendy recently finished her studies of the Systemic Family Practice course at Kings College London, during which she was diagnosed with dyslexia, dyspraxia, and Predominantly Inattentive Subtype of ADHD.Presenter: Elizabeth Takyi CEO A2i DyslexiaResearch Assistant: Aaliyah Onye-Morris A2i DyslexiaProducer: Jola Piesakowska Salt & Pepper Productions
  • 8. Dyslexia and Panic Disorders

    In episode Series 7 Episode 8 we are joined by Yasmine Clarke a Psychotherapist and Mental Health Practitioner, to speak on the topic of ‘Dyslexia and Panic disorders. Yasmine Clarke has supported individuals with a wide range of psychological and mental health difficulties such as anxiety, depression, and self-harming behaviours etc. Her values and clinical practice centre around an intersectional approach. She also specialises in working with students who find themselves as an ethnic minority in the University environment. Connect with Yasmine Clarke on social media: Clarke (LinkedIn page)  This podcast is funded by the Award 4 All (London Community Fund)