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  • 7. Amy Chaplin

    Now living in upstate New York, but raised in rural New South Wales, Amy's approach to food is inspired by nature and the healing benefits of whole foods. She speaks my love language. So you can only imagine the squeal that I didn't even try to contain, when she wrote lovely things about my new cookbook, released in the US this week. There's also a good deal of chat about nettles. As there should be!

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  • 6. Lean Timms

    Forever exploring and full of curiosity for this world, Lean’s greatest love is to discover and document inspiring places and stories. Her approach to photography is driven by natural light, in situ spontaneity, storytelling, sharing and capturing a genuine sense of place. Lean is also the photographer that I had at the top of my list when I was asked to put together my dream team for my very first cookbook. And if you think we didn’t relive the tea-fuelled dance moves and delicious memories of that very special photoshoot in this chat, think again Batman.
  • 5. Annabelle Hickson

    Annabelle Hickson, editor of Galah magazine, and creator of beautiful new book by the same name, is all about flying the flag of beauty, freedom and opportunity for regional Australia and the people who live their lives there. She is all substance and zero pretence - our kinda girl! We chat about AI, handling criticism, handling success, emojis and sex on kitchen benches - all the normal country conversations. You can find Galah's magazine and book via their website or via Instagram
  • 4. Beata Alfoldi

    If you ever wanted to find encouragement to walk your talk, Beata is your girl. The choices Beata has made from the place of deep grief after losing her son in childbirth are nothing short of profound. Yes, this is a conversation about navigating the darkest days of grief, but it is also about what sits beyond that. It couldn't be more inspiring.To find out more about Beata and her current work please visit
  • 3. Natasha Morgan

    Natasha Morgan's life is one of the most inspiring examples of what happens when contemplation meets challenge. Her path may have seemed idyllic via her famous Instagram feed, but you've probably guessed there's a little more to this story, and the twists and turns intuition had to offer.
  • 2. Sasha Baranikov

    Imagine being so successful in the world of business that you can redefine the concept of success itself. That's exactly what award-winning entrepreneur, Sasha Baranikov did after her tech start-up sold for an eye-watering amount in under 10 years. Her incredibly honest conversation about exactly what success costs on every other level but financial, may not match the fairytale we've all been conditioned to believe in. There's plenty of gold in Sasha's perspective on what really counts though, I promise!
  • 1. Troy Woodcroft

    Can you remember the purity of inspiration with no strings attached? Troy Woodcroft can. His raw, and often hilarious, rendition of being the only boy in his ballet school in Darwin, through to performing on Broadway, gives us a chance to jump into his magical headspace. He was Peter Pan, after all.