All That And Mo


Hanging with a Hyena

Ep. 42

If you've been a long-time listener to this podcast, you'll know about my solo show, Hyena, but for the uninitiated—Hyena is a combination of spoken word and music about alcoholism and recovery. Specifically, MY alcholism and recovery.

On today's episode, I'll be discussing the various performances of the show (including the film version and how it has won awards from various film festivals). I'll also dive into how my involvement in the kink, leather and BDSM has helped me in my recovery. I'll be exploring how the support from my community after I announced my sobriety was a miracle for me and gave me a sense of homecoming. We'll also be discussing the importance of talking to someone who understands the experience of addiction and how difficult it can be to understand how bad off one is while in the midst of addiction.

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