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Tolly T’s Motto To Live By

Season 3, Ep. 2

As one third of the award-winning ‘The Receipts’ podcast, it should be no surprise that Tolly T’s home is a mini therapy clinic for all of her friends and family. In this episode of ‘All Round Mine’, the podcasting queen spills the tea about what happened when she met rap legend Drake and why he’d be her dream guest to have over.


Tolly talks about her very own motto that she lives by, shows us all the incredible achievements on her accolade wall, as well as giving us an exclusive insight into her next exciting project in the making – her very own TV show!

You can also watch the full interview and see Tolly T’s exclusive home tour on Primark’s YouTube channel: 


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  • 10. Kitty Scott Claus Spills The Tea

    She wowed us all on the most recent series of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’, and now Kitty Scott Claus is heading over to the studio to round off season three with a bang!  Kitty sits down with Arielle and George and shows us around her crib in the capital, which is full to the brim with drag memorabilia and overflowing with her ever-growing collection of wigs. As well as showing us around her home, the drag sensation shares all the secrets of what it’s like to be a queen on ‘Drag Race’, and how a good luck charm from her best friend helped her throughout the series. And we couldn’t let Kitty go without her giving us some behind-the-scenes gossip about the one and only RuPaul…  You can watch the full interview and see Kitty Scott Claus’ exclusive home tour on Primark’s YouTube channel:
  • 9. Tom Grennan’s Healthy Habits

    Fresh off the back of his sold-out UK tour, Tom Grennan swings by ‘All Round Mine’ to tell us what it’s like to be one of the biggest popstars in music today. Tom gives us a tour round his home which is full of some incredible music memorabilia including his record plaque collection, his coveted #1 trophy for his chart-topping album ‘Evering Road’ as well as his home gym, complete with his much-adored photo of him and Wayne Rooney at Soccer Aid. As well as giving us the lowdown about his brand-new single ‘All Of These Nights’ and his collaboration with YouTube superstar KSI, ‘Not Over Yet’. Tom also opens up about his new clean-living lifestyle and how he’s ditched the drink to become an even better performer.You can watch the full interview and see Tom’s exclusive home tour on Primark’s YouTube channel:
  • 8. Elz The ‘Technical’ Witch

    Elz The Witch is the online gaming sensation that has taken YouTube by storm. She is a tech wiz, who spent her school summer holidays indoors and now boasts an impressive vintage games collection. The YouTuber shows us around her apartment, complete with gaming memorabilia galore and her gaming computer which she made herself with her very own hands!  Elz also tells us the inside story behind her success on YouTube and her experiences breaking down barriers as a woman in both the gaming and sports world.  You can watch the full interview and see Elz The Witch’s exclusive home tour on Primark’s YouTube channel:
  • 7. David Whitely’s Wildlife Sanctuary

    Formerly known as Sideman from Season 1 of ‘All Round Mine’, David Whitely is back with an incredible new home!   Content creator, comedian and writer David Whitely tells us about his big move from London to his dream home in The Midlands and how his garden has become a wildlife sanctuary, which has earned him the nickname of the ‘Doctor Dolittle of Birmingham’.  David tells us about letting go of his Chris Hemsworth bed sheets, his starring role in hit TV series Top Boy and how he met one of his icons, Will Smith. He also shares his lifelong fear of a man's best friend, and how ZeZe Millz’s pet pooch has helped him overcome his fear of dogs.   You can also watch the full interview and see David Whitely’s exclusive home tour on Primark’s YouTube channel:
  • 6. Vogue Williams’ Plus One

    With a name like Vogue, it’s no surprise that Vogue Williams’ home is the epitome of fashion, glamour, and class.   The model, presenter and entrepreneur welcomes us into one of the properties she shares with her husband Spencer Matthews, with just some of the highlights including a huge kid-proof sofa and her ever-growing art collection which features her one-of-a-kind taxidermy lobster.   Vogue also chats to us about life with her ever-growing family, the challenges she has faced as a working mother, and why her new-born baby Otto may not be her last pregnancy.  You can also watch the full interview and see Vogue Williams’ exclusive home tour on Primark’s YouTube channel:
  • 5. Fats Timbo’s TikTok Takeover

    TikTok sensation Fats Timbo welcomes us into her family home and tells us about her success as a comedian, content creator, model and dancer.  Fats spills the tea on when she met Jamie Foxx and French Montana, why she is Queen B in her home and talks about blurring the personal and professional lines. She also shares her journey to perfecting her craft, why people should look past her being little and embracing diversity in the media industry.  You can watch the full interview and see Fats Timbo’s exclusive home tour on Primark’s YouTube channel:
  • 4. Lewys Ball's Life In London

    YouTuber and presenter Lewys Ball brings his fresh brand of high energy, enthusiasm, and sass in this episode.  Lewys gives us a whistle stop tour around his very own flat in London and tells us why the capital feels like his forever home. He shares his story about the neon artwork inspired by his YouTube career, reveals his addiction to takeaway delivery apps, and lets us in on a night out with his friends Olivia Neill and Flossie Clegg.  You can watch the full interview and see Lewys Ball’s exclusive home tour on Primark’s YouTube channel:
  • 3. Vanessa Feltz’s Pink Palace

    Broadcasting and household legend Vanessa Feltz has entertained us across TV, radio and journalism for over 30 years. In this episode of ‘All Round Mine’, she opens the doors to her pink palace and shares how her fabulous house embraces all aspects of her equally as fabulous personality. Vanessa also becomes our resident agony aunt helping you listeners with some housing dilemmas, gives us the details on how she seduced her fiancée Ben with her top-secret chicken soup recipe, and explains why the queen of pop Madonna will not be invited round to ‘Feltz Towers’ anytime soon.You can also watch the full interview and see Vanessa Feltz’s exclusive home tour on Primark’s YouTube channel: