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All Out Attack Podcast w/ Harry Robinson

Jonestown Survivor Laura Johnston Kohl - #2

Season 1, Ep. 2

918 people died in Jonestown, Guyana on 18th November 1978 at the hands of maniacal and domineering cult leader Jim Jones – the biggest intentional loss of American life until 9/11. 918 people died, Laura survived.

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  • 14. Derek "Daddy D" Williams - #14

    My guest today is Derek Williams, a former pimp and human trafficker who went under the name "Daddy D" and ran a prostitution ring in Boston's old Combat Zone.
  • 13. Annie Machon - #13

    Hello I’m Robinson, Harry Robinson, and recording from Oklahoma, 5,000 miles away from my usual setting, this is the All Out Attack Podcast.My guest today is Annie Machon, a former MI5 intelligence officer who – in 1996, alongside her partner David Shayler – blew the whistle on numerous alleged crimes that MI5 had committed whilst they were there, from illegal phone taps, allowing preventable bombs to kill innocent people, and an assassination attempt on Colonel Gaddafi. Annie and Shayler went on the run from MI5 for a month, before living in exile in France for two years until Shayler returned to the UK to be imprisoned.Since then, Annie has become one of the fore-frontal voices on privacy and whistleblowing in the world, as well as working on the frontline on the war on drugs for the organization LEAP. With the expertise and eloquence you would expect a former intelligence officer to have, but with the friendliness that may not fit MI5’s stereotype, I sat down with a woman impassioned to educate the world. I hope you enjoy.
  • 12. Peter Bleksley - #12

    My guest today is Peter Bleksley, one of the founding members of Scotland Yard's Undercover Unit in the 80s and someone who is probably most famous for catching fake fugitives on Channel 4's hit reality show; Hunted.Pete spent 21 years as a detective; taking on different identities on a daily basis and building a reputation for being one of the best undercover narcotics detectives in Europe. After being forced to retire from the police and a lengthy stint writing books and appearing on TV, Peter is now hunting a real fugitive in Kevin Parle - a man wanted in connection to two murders who's been on the run for over 16 years.After chatting about football and chewing the fat, I got to see first hand the overwhelming determination and dedication that Peter has for catching Kevin Parle. He's been to hell and back, but now he's trying to bring about justice for the families still wading through those dark days. I hope you enjoy.
  • Mohamedou Ould Slahi - #11

    My guest today is Mohamedou Ould Slahi, a man who was kidnapped by American special forces and taken to Guantanamo Bay - where they claimed he was the head recruiter of 9/11. Despite having no evidence, no charge put against him and even winning a habeus corpus case to be set free, Mohamedou spent 14 years and two months in the world's most extreme and secure prison. Mohamedou has been called the most tortured man in Guantanamo, subjected to beatings, sleep deprivation, sexual assault, a mock execution and even threats to imprison and rape his mother, all to force him to sign a false confession. Released from Guantanamo in 2016, and now the subject of the gripping new film The Mauritanian, Mohamedou is now a prisoner in his own country. Refused a passport and the ability to travel, he campaigns for human rights in the much bigger cell of Mauritania. I got to sit down with the embodiment of human resilience, and look into the eyes of a man who has endured so much torment, yet can still greet me with a smile. I hope you enjoy. 
  • 10. Neo-Nazi Burt Colucci - #10

    My guest today is Commander Burt Colucci, a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi and head of the National Socialism Movement in the US - the largest and most active Nazi group in North America.The group itself is officially classified as a hate group, with the organisation regularly holding rallies where they wear SS uniforms and proudly display banners with the Nazi swastika branded on it. They believe in total white supremacy and, whilst they claim not to incite violence, the aim of the group is to get into power and impose racial policies such as segregation and deportation.I wanted to sit down with Burt as I wholeheartedly disagree with his abhorrent views. However, I wanted to see if it was possible to conversate without prejudice with someone whose entire belief system is prejudicial. In an interview that borders on a longform debate, that contains potentially offensive racial language and some outlandish claims, Burt and I walked the line between rational conversation and sheer bafflement.I hope you enjoy.
  • 9. Danielle Phelps - #9

    My guest today is Danielle Phelps, a woman born into the Westboro Baptist Church - the outspoken and controversial religious sect in America that was founded by Danielle's grandfather; Pastor Fred Phelps.Whilst Danielle left the church, it is still in operation today at the church's compound in Topeka, Kansas. The Phelps family have been referred to as "the most hated family in America", notorious for their loathing of homosexuality, celebration of tragedies and picketing of funerals - particularly those of soldiers who died in combat.Danielle is now an openly gay woman and a former US marine - everything her family stood against. At her house only five minutes away from where she grew up, accompanied by her supportive girlfriend Autumn and a wandering kitten, I connected with an inspirational person that had to overcome indoctrination and sacrifice family to be true to who she is. I hope you enjoy.
  • 8. Katy Morgan-Davies - #8

    My guest today is Katy Morgan Davies, a woman born into the Workers' Institute of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought, a communist cult based in South London that enslaved her, indoctrinated her and kept her inside for the first 30 years of her life with no understanding or exposure to the outside world.Her father was Aravindan Balakrishnan; the despotic cult leader, and her mother Sian Davies, a brainwashed cult member. Though her parents, they told their daughter that she was a test tube baby with no mother, father or relatives.Accompanying us on the call is John Hales, a man Katy describes as her real father - who has life stories to tell in his own right.Equipped with a microphone, access to a friend's premium Zoom account and a lockdown laissez faire hairstyle; I sat down with a woman who is the embodiment of resilience and compassion. I hope you enjoy.
  • 7. Sean Crane - #7

    At the age of 23, Sean saw no direction in life - trudging from day to day whilst shackled to drink and drugs. Then, whilst sat in a concrete box in California that he shouldn't have even been in, Sean decided that he was going to change the path he was on.This is the story of a man who used wrongful imprisonment to change his life for the better.
  • 6. Greg Kading - #6

    “You’re nobody ’til somebody kills you” – Biggie Smalls. Almost a quarter of a century on from the murders of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, a gaping hole is still left in the hip hop scene by the loss of these generational icons. Their deaths swept across the world, leaving wounds gaping for a decade by going unsolved. Greg Kading is the man that closed those wounds.