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  • 7. The Dark Night of the Soul

    It's hard not to fall apart sometimes when you are experiencing spiritual awakenings, BIG life shifts, and huge transformations.We have all been there, whether we knew it then or not, we have all experienced Dark Nights of the Soul.The loneliness, the depression, the living life from the ego.But we are here for it. For you. For each other. For ourselves.We've personally made it through and we continue to do so with the support of our community, family, and friends.Join us as we discuss the implications of these intense times. Not just personally but in society and politically. What does it mean to live through the tough times and come out on the other side, living less from the ego with more knowledge and understanding? Let's talk about it.

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  • 6. The Power of Reiki

    Are you unconsciously using your energetics to your detriment?Join us as we discuss the power of our energetics and how harnessing our individual Reiki energy (we all have it)can bring us fulfillment, safety, and JOY in our Healing practices and our everyday life.And how more and more people (Mother's in particular) are becoming certified for their own personal use and healing.
  • 5. Amy Pareno, Health & Water Expert

    Joining us this week is Amy Pareno, Health & Water Expert. New Mama, Holistic Health Educator, Yogi, and Natural Chef, Amy Pareno has been on a lifetime journey to educate and build a healthier world. Following her heart, Amy shares her story of diving into places unknown to explore and heal on a personal level. Over the years she has been divinely guided along the way to create a business that is health based, in particular recognizing the importance of the human connection with water. Listen as we discuss our water systems, how they effect our health, the spiritual properties of water, and all things H2O.Enjoy!
  • 4. The Divine Masculine

    We all have characteristics of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within us. However, in today's world we are seeing the struggle of many men who are equating masculinity with traits that are toxic and detrimental to all of us. Why is that? And how can men heal their Wounded Divine Masculine to find balance and success?Join Jessica and Bobbie as they discuss some of the ways the Divine Masculine shows up for all of us and the ways it absolutely shouldn't!
  • 3. The Divine Feminine

    How does the Divine Feminine show up for you?We laugh, we get angry...This shit is real and hard!But we are doing the work. Come along with us as we go deep into the sociological effects of the repression of our Divine Feminine. And how it's changing and shifting now and into the future.
  • 2. Tapping into Your Higher Self

    We can not live consciously without a deep connection to our Higher Self.But what does that mean exactly? How do we tap in and connect to our Higher Self?Jessica and I get into our personal practices and the WHY's for making this a priority in our lives.This episode is inspiring and hopefully encourages you to start your own ritual to tap in.Thanks for listening!To learn more about us check out all of the Alchemical Goat links HERE
  • 1. Autumn Mist, Founder & President of Russian River Black Hat Society

    Join us as we welcome our very special guest, Autumn Mist, Founder & President of the Russian River Black Hat Society. Paralegal by day, Witch by night, Autumn discusses with us what the road has been like in creating one of the most popular social clubs in Sonoma County, California and what it means to create a place for all witchy practices to come together.Nothing is off the table!Learn more about becoming a member at Russian River Black Hat Society