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114: Penny Kelly - Is Economic Collapse Imminent?

We’ve had Penny Kelly on several times discussing Consciousness and Energy. For those of you that may have missed those episodes, here is a little update - Penny Kelly is a writer, teacher, consultant, speaker, publisher, and Naturopathic physician. She has been researching and exploring consciousness, cognition, perception and intelligence for over 30 years and has written six books of her own while at the same time, publishes books on the subjects of spirituality and health for others. Penny has shared with us her experiences of consciousness and the growth of awareness, and the most recent time we discussed Sex & Kundalini as well as the Evolving or Collapsing of the world as we know it. Before that, in 2013, we talked about dreams and whether Jesus actually ever really lived or not. Today, we look to the future and discuss the imminent, global Financial Collapse.

We talked about the financial conflict that is causing disintegration, and what will happen if we don't change things. We spoke about the East-West struggle over money; the demise of the dollar and how the elite are realizing that capitalism is not working anymore. We talked about how money was hypnosis and how we need to inspire others through the growth of consciousness and through a little humor. Penny Kelly spoke eloquently about the monetization of everything in our societies as we experience it today and she also spoke about how we move towards that freedom and self-sovereignty into the future. She said we will experience chaos until around 2030 and all that change will already have happened by 2080.

We discussed how the government becomes less and less effective in the future and how her experience with the little men in brown robes told her about the World Council of Ethics that would form soon to oversee disputes. We talked about how history was fabricated to degenerate consciousness and how we are coming from a legacy of violence. We mentioned how we will have smaller but more aware populations in the future and how we will shift from the nation-state mentality.  

Penny mentioned that death was only a way of getting quickly to another place of starting. We took another look at the whole power and control phenomena that have so many people in fear and finally, Penny gave advice about children having children and how it was so important to first grow in consciousness, and then think about having children. She finished by suggesting pointers for the future on how to develop self-sufficiency to build community by starting sharing.

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271: Unresolved Emotional Trauma and Cancer

Ep. 271
The link between unresolved emotional trauma and chronic degenerative diseases.What is it we are doing to ourselves to cause all this?Aingeal Rose & Ahonu interview Mark Selawry of Wellness Haven in Boise, Idaho.Mark spent most of his adult life as a business executive in multi-national companies such as Disney and Hilton, living and working in Switzerland, Russia, France, England, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium. A Harvard MBA, Mark believed he would continue his climb up the corporate ladder, ultimately becoming CEO of a large international firm. In 2011, the Universe gifted Mark a wonderful relationship with Helen-Jane, an English woman Mark met while they were both living outside Paris. Shortly after meeting, Helen-Jane was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. Mark accompanied Helen-Jane in her cancer journey, studying all manner of interventions, both conventional and alternative.By April 2013, after having gone through conventional treatment, Helen-Jane was pronounced terminal, and told to get her affairs in order. This is when Mark and Helen-Jane discovered the ’Kelley Protocol’, involving use of pancreatic enzymes for the treatment of cancer. Helen-Jane was literally snatched away from the jaws of death. Unfortunately, she felt so good on the program, that Helen-Jane became ’non-compliant’, and developed metastasis that led to her transition in January 2015.Since then, Mark founded ’Wellness-Haven’, a venture dedicated to helping people with all forms of chronic degenerative disease, and especially cancer, navigate the tricky waters of choice and, hopefully, harness the healing power within.The questions asked in this episode:How did you switch from being a Harvard MBA trained hospitality executive to a Cancer CoachWhat are the key factors driving the growth in cancer worldwide?Why is cancer not typically a genetic disease?Is there historical effectiveness in using allopathic medicine for the treatment of cancerWhy are some allopathic interventions so ineffective?What are an individual’s options when learning they have cancer?What are some of ’alternative medicine’s’ offers to those with cancer?What is the link between unresolved emotional trauma and cancer?Other questions raised in the interview between Aingeal Rose & Ahonu and Mark Selawry were:Could being cancer aware cure my genetic untreated victimhood?What happens if a cancer victim is diagnosed as emotional?Could a cancer journal offer a lifeline to a cancer victim?Do untreated emotional trauma symptoms explain cancer?Can untreated cancer explain patient symptoms?Did your woman, who died of cancer, leave a lifeline to a possible cure?Does patient awareness of symptoms help diagnose cancer?Can a cancer diagnosis from a doctor explain the facts and help in patient awareness?Are men and women cancer victims the same in terms of the effects of unresolved emotional trauma?Can I cure my own cancer?Is awareness a cure for untreated cancer?Do genetics or emotions explain cancer symptoms?Do cancer patients leave any kind of lifeline for future diagnosis?Mark lives in Boise, ID, and has three children who currently reside in Denmark. He can be contacted athttp://www.wellness-haven.comThis interview can be found on YouTubehere.

269: What Connects Us To Earth?

Ep. 269
This morning, Aingeal Rose and I did a dimensional jump into our own akashic records. I want to report the strangest of experiences as a result of that. Everything started as normal where we went up the steps, the door opened, and we jumped into our akashic records. While there, it seemed it was just a regular cosmic morning. Let me describe what that looked like. It seemed like it was a dawn on Earth, but it was out in the cosmos. I think everybody's familiar with those cosmic pictures with swirling gases, and beautiful colors of stars, and planets, and swirling clouds and cosmic bodies and that kind of thing. But it looked to be just before the dawn, so it wasn't as if it was bright-bright, but it wasn't dark-dark, either.And all of that was very beautiful, and it seemed very welcoming, and nothing major happened in terms of any great experience that I can report to you - except when the call came to jump back into our hallway with the doors closing behind us, I found myself looking back at Earth. I was looking at it from a distance, and it seems that the Earth was the doorway, and the call to jump back into my quantum hallway was like jumping back into Earth with the door closing behind me. And all that seemed fine because - that's our experience - we're having an Earth experience, but this time, I felt I didn't want to go. I felt that the experience of the universe, the cosmic experience, was where I belonged, and that going back into the Earth experience and closing the door behind me, was a limiting experience. It was a down-stepping. And I didn't want to do that!So a little part of me complied with it, just like as if I segmented myself. A little part of me complied with the instructions to jump through the doorway back to Earth, where the door closed behind me and I went back down the steps into the physical Earth awareness. I could see all that from my vantage point in the cosmos, in the universality of it all. I could see that Earth life was very limiting, but nonetheless it was a valid experience, but it was a tiny part of me that went with it. The rest of me stayed in this glorious, expanding, infinity of wonder and joy, and constant creation, and constant expansion.And it seemed there was an energetic thread that connected me to my Earth body. Why is this significant? Many times Aingeal Rose & I asked the question and wondered, what is it that connects us to Earth? What is it that connects the spirit to the body? What is it that comes in to animate the body at birth, and what is it that leaves at the physical death of the body? This is what it is - it is an energetic, conscious awareness that simply says, I want to experience this, and when the time comes not to experience anymore, it simply stops it and experiences something else. The cosmic, universal, infinite mind is always there and it never stops experiencing. It is just choosing to experience this little bubble planet of Earth in the infinity of it all.So, I'm still in this kind of awareness right now, that feels huge. It feels enormous. It feels very expansive, while at the same time, simultaneously, I am aware that there's a sense of confinement and smallness and limitedness in the Earth experience, but it is a choice I am making in each moment!