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1Up Podcast: It's A Me, Chris Pratt

Guy & Karl are back to look at recent gaming news and events as the pair look at Tokyo Game Show & a Nintendo Direct.

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  • 1UP Podcast: Xbox Showcase 2022 Reaction!

    Guy & Karl are back to look at the Xbox & Bethesda showcase as the pair go through all the announcements. They also quickly look at the Capcom event as well.
  • 1UP Podcast: Summer Game Fest 2022 Reaction!

    Guy & Karl are back again to look back at the Summer Game Fest from Thursday night, they go through all the games and give their reactions to them.
  • 1UP Podcast: Xbox Showcase 2022 Preview!

    Guy & Karl are back to preview Sunday's Xbox showcase as team Microsoft hopefully try to show some promise after a barren spell this year especially. They also look at the news as usual and quickly preview Capcom's show too.
  • 1UP Podcast: Summer Game Fest 2022!

    Guy & Karl are back ahead to the news filled summer of games! After catching up they go through the news and look at the recent PlayStation State of Play, before previewing the upcoming Summer Game Fest event.
  • 1UP Podcast: Bungie Jump to Sony

    Guy & Karl are back which means there must be some big news in the gaming world, and there is as Sony drop some big money to acquire Bungie for $3.6bn. They look at that and other news, and also look at games coming out in February as the gaming year is seemingly beginning!
  • 1UP Podcast: Microsoft Make it Rain

    Guy & Karl are back! They discuss the huge news that broke last week as Microsoft set out their intentions to acquire Activision/Blizzard/King for around 70bn dollars. They discuss the pros and cons of the deal with concerns of monopolisation but can Phil Spencer and co help resurrect Activision and Blizzard from the COD based hell they're in and obviously make it a safer more respectable place to work. They also discuss the news with some more Star Wars games announced and Saudi Arabia becoming more involved in the gaming industry.
  • 1Up Podcast: THQ Nordic - Old to New!

    Guy and Karl are back to look at the recent THQ Nordic anniversary event as they show a handful of interesting games! They also go through recent news and rumours with possible more Star Wars games and Microsoft possibly spending more monies.
  • 1UP Podcast: Sony Event - God of Pwhoar Ragnarok

    Guy & Karl are back to discuss all the games shown at the recent Sony PS5 event with Spiderman, God of War and a few surprises! They also discuss the news with a price drop for the Switch and Avengers stuff.