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Exploring AI and ML and Understanding Networks

Ep. 1

Everywhere we look today, people are talking about artificial intelligence and machine learning, and you probably hear a lot of buzzwords around this topic. You might be curious on the resources needed to train a machine or what exactly the process entails.

Well, simply put, think of it like this: the specialists in the AI & ML industry aim at mimicking the amazing human brain. That’s not really an easy task, but huge advancements have been made in the past decade.

In today’s episode, Mike Fingeroff – Senior Member of Consulting Staff at Calypto Design Systems - and his guest, Ellie Burns – Director of Marketing at Siemens EDA - share the basics of artificial intelligence and machine learning and help us understand how neural networks work.

Tune in, to learn more!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Then and now – the changes through AI & ML history. (01:07)
  • The catalyst for the boom of the AI industry. (05:32)
  • What a deep neural network is & how it works. (06:34)
  • The different types of neural networks. (08:35)

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Understanding the Role of AI and How to Use Data

Ep. 5
Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly more common in the workplace. To really understand how it works and the benefits that it can bring about, talking to people with first-hand experience is key. To learn more about how AI technology is being used, we turn to our very own experts here at Siemens.  In today’s episode, I’m talking to Roberto D'Ippolito, Senior Technical Product Manager of the HEEDS team at Siemens Digital Industries Software based in Belgium. We’ll discuss the range of possibilities within AI, where all that data comes from, and how to create value from it. AI has the potential to offer big advantages over the competition, and machine learning puts all of the information into focus. You’ll also learn where HEEDS fits into the simulation equation, the key benefits of using the technology, and the process of designing automated vehicles so that unpredictable situations are accounted for. We’ll wrap up by touching on a few misconceptions about AI, and where it might lead us in the future.  In this episode, you will learn:How we can utilize AI industrially and in general (1:48)The role of HEEDS (2:57)The key benefit of AI and machine learning technology (6:51)How the adaptive sampling strategy is being used (9:06)How machine learning meets the challenge of designing autonomous vehicles (11:02)The AV design process (14:13)Where all of the data is coming from (18:16)Challenging beliefs and misconceptions about AI (23:21)The future of AI in engineering (25:00)Connect with Roberto D'Ippolito:LinkedInConnect with Thomas Dewey:LinkedIn