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  • 12. Suno AI: A Robot... With Soul

    Jeff Jarvis and Jason Howell discuss Google's AI announcements at Google Cloud Next, how AI is integrating with advertising and marketing, the ethical debates surrounding data harvesting, calls for stronger misinformation safeguards, and the impressive emotional depth of AI-generated music.Please support this show directly by becoming a Patron!NEWSJeff Jarvis' experience speaking at the Nordic Media and AI conferenceJony Ive and Sam Altman are DEFINITELY working on an AI device togetherGoogle Cloud Next 2024 announcements (Gemini 1.5 Pro, Google Vids, AI meeting notes)WPP's partnership with Google's Gemini AI for advertising and marketingActivist groups calling for stronger action against AI-generated misinformation and deepfakesThe New York Times article on the data race to feed AI systemsPerplexity's plans to sell ads on their platformSuno AI music generation service and the emotional quality of AI-generated music

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  • 11. OpenAI and Microsoft's $100 Billion Stargate Supercomputer

    Jason Howell and Jeff Jarvis dive into the $665 million Shiba Inu coin donation to the Future of Life Institute, the potential $100 billion "Stargate" supercomputer from OpenAI and Microsoft, Jason gives a hands-on demo of Stability AI's new music generation model, and more!NEWS- Future of Life Institute's $665 million donation from Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum co-founder) in Shiba Inu coins- Artifact social news curation app shutting down, acquired by Yahoo- Yum Foods has plans to go all in on generative AI- How people are using generative AI based on Harvard Business Review report- New York City's chatbot providing incorrect legal/business advice- Generative AI used to create virtual persona of real person for advertising- OpenAI and Microsoft in talks for $100 billion "Stargate" supercomputerDEMO- Stability AI's Stable Audio 2.0 for music generation
  • 10. Sal Khan: How AI Will Revolutionize the Classroom

    Sal Khan, founder and CEO of Khan Academy and author of the new book "Brave New Words: HOW AI WILL REVOLUTIONIZE EDUCATION (AND WHY THAT'S A GOOD THING)", joins Jason Howell and Jeff Jarvis to talk about the many challenges educators face as AI tools become pervasive and ever more powerful. Sal explores how teachers and administrations are embracing technology to improve the learning environment and make their own jobs easier and more effective.Become a Patron of AI Inside and support our work directlyINTERVIEW with Sal Khan, founder of Khan AcademySal's upcoming book "Brave New Words: How AI Will Revolutionize Education and Why That's a Good Thing"Challenges teachers face with AI pushing against traditional teaching methodsLegitimate concerns about AI use in classroomsAI as a tool, not a replacement for teachersPotential of AI to mitigate cheating and provide process insightsImpact of AI on education and the role of humanitiesSuggestions for educators to use AI in classroomsAI as a tutor and writing coachAI supporting student assignments and teacher productivityManaging teacher resistance and concerns about AISal's perspective on AI bias and representationEthical considerations for AI in assessment and hiringNEWSStability CEO resigns from generative AI companyUnited Nations adopts U.S.-led resolution to safely develop AIBen Evans: The problem of AI ethics, and laws about AITennessee Adopts ELVIS Act, Protecting Artists’ Voices From AI ImpersonationFinancial Times tests an AI chatbot trained on decades of its own articlesOpenAI is pitching Sora to HollywoodSora: first impressions
  • 9. Microsoft's Inflection Point

    This week, Jason Howell and Jeff Jarvis welcome Evan Brown to round up AI regulation efforts worldwide including Utah's disclosure law and the EU's comprehensive AI Ant. Plus, big news for Microsoft AI, Nvidia's behemoth AI chips, and more!SUPPORT THE SHOW!INTERVIEW WITH EVAN BROWNUtah has a brand new law that regulates generative AIEU votes to ban riskiest forms of AI and impose restrictions on othersJournalism and AIYouTube Introduces Mandatory Disclosure For AI-Generated ContentNEWSBig changes at Inflection AI & MicrosoftWSJ report on Microsoft/InflectionReid Hoffman's tweets about itApple Is in Talks to Let Google Gemini Power iPhone AI FeaturesNvidia reveals Blackwell B200 GPU, the ‘world’s most powerful chip’ for AIJeff & Mikah react to the NVIDIA keynotexAI open sources GrokA good video explaining generative AI
  • 8. The Value of Open Source AI

    In this episode of AI Inside, Jeff Jarvis and Jason Howell explore the tempering of expectations around generative AI, the promise and concerns of open-sourcing models, and the unique ways AI is being leveraged in journalism, elderly care, and even digital recreations of deceased celebrities.NEWSOpenAI's internal investigation into Sam Altman's ouster as he returns to the boardGoogle implementing safeguards restricting election-related information on its AIExpectations around generative AI capabilities and impact being tamped downOpen-sourcing AI models and the debate around itElon Musk's vague promise to open-source "Grok"The use of AI in journalism for analysis and data processingMidjourney's new character reference feature for consistent image generationAI-powered companion dolls for elderly companionshipAI application for bereavement assistanceDigital recreation of Marilyn Monroe's voice using AIKeep connected to the show:WEBSITE: http://aiinside.showVIDEO:
  • 7. The AI Chicken and Egg Problem

    Jason Howell and Jeff Jarvis discuss Elon Musk's legal battle with OpenAI, Nvidia's CEO on making programming obsolete, calls for responsible AI innovation, and more!NEWSDiscussion about Elon Musk suing OpenAI for breaching contract over its stated mission of openness and building responsible AIOpenAI releasing emails from Musk revealing his desire for control and more fundingAnthropic rolling out new versions of Claude LLM (Claude 3 Opus, Sonnet, Haiku)Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang's statement on AI making programming unnecessary for everyoneAmericans for Responsible AI Innovation launching and calls for regulationOpen letter from researchers for a "safe harbor" for independent AI evaluationTrust in AI companies dropping according to Edelman reportBad bots: Issues with Amazon's Rufus shopping bot and H&R Block's tax advice botAmazon's $1 billion industrial innovation fund for AI and roboticsHumanoid robot developments from companies like Figure and Magic LabKeep connected to the show:WEBSITE: http://aiinside.showVIDEO:
  • 6. Contextualizing Noise with Blackbird's Compass

    This week Jason Howell and Jeff Jarvis talk with Dan Patterson of about their context-providing service Compass before diving into the week's top AI stories including Google's "biased" Gemini model, data sharing deals between companies like Reddit for model training, and the risks and benefits of open sourcing AI systems.INTERVIEWOverview of Blackbird AI's mission to track narrative threats and attacks like misinformation and disinformationIntroduction of Blackbird's new product Compass for providing context around claims using AI analysisExplanation of how Compass works to check claims and provide contextual information from authoritative sourcesDiscussion around Compass being built on Blackbird's Raven Risk large language model (LLM) and related APIsExamples provided of using Compass for real-world claims like "Is the earth flat?"Intention for Compass to help provide clarity and essential context to media contentDiscussion around target users for Compass - social media companies, comms agencies, journalistsExplanation that Compass determines authority based on how authoritative sites reference each otherDiscussion around Compass having a framework for integrating with fact-checking databasesNEWSDiscussion around the challenges and nuances of implementing guardrails for AINews segment on Google's Gemini model controversy over biased image generationDeals emerging between tech companies to sell data for AI model training, including Reddit-Google and rumored Tumblr-OpenAITyler Perry putting his studio expansion plans on hold due to the emergence of AI like OpenAI's SoraAnalysis of benefits and risks of open-sourcing AI modelsKeep connected to the show:WEBSITE: http://aiinside.showVIDEO: