ah nah

The ah nah: Conversations with Myanmar podcast was born from a desire to bring into public consciousness the atrocities that are currently being committed in Myanmar (also known as Burma). Our goal is simply to keep the conversation going and to let the people of Myanmar know that they have not been forgotten. We hope that through these conversations we can tell the stories of Myanmar and highlight the horrific human rights abuses that continue to be perpetrated by the Tatmadaw (military), under the watch of the UN and the international community in 2021 (yes, this is happening in 2021!) With so many amazing people both inside and outside the country working hard to fight for freedom and basic human rights, we want to offer a platform for these voices to be heard. Some have been fighting this cause for decades, others are just beginning to raise their voice. Through these informative and inspiring conversations we aim to give hope to the people of Myanmar, that they will one day experience real change and finally live freely and in peace.