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Mortal Kombat (21)

Season 13, Ep. 9
Wait... this isn't a horror movie? What happened?Long story short, our schedule had multiple changes. One of the Halloween episodes got delayed. We got an extra 90's episode as well as an extra "video game adaptation" episode.As such, We had to move something around. But this kinda fits. Mortal Kombat (not this film) can be kinda scary. I mean... a 4-armed guy? Scary! Ninajs? Scary! This Todd guy? Disappointing! Fucking Todd!Halloween Kills will premier here NEXT WEEK due to schedule concerns. Thank you for your patience!================================You can find us on:Patreon: Podcasts: Podcasts: Addict: Score Guidelines: can reach out to us on:evacstation@gmail.comFacebook: for a cause: Treat: comments, complaints, questions or feedback should be directed to Thank you for watching/listening and we'll see you after the credits.