Aviation for Europe - Aerodays Podcast

Aviation for Europe – Aerodays Podcast

Aviation is one of Europe’s main industries of excellence. 

In this context, the European Aeronautics Days (Aerodays) conference is the European Union’s flagship event for aviation; the objective of the conference is to deliver an exhaustive picture of all aviation research achievements obtained so far from European research – and beyond - and to look forward to future research needs in order to reach the Flighpath 2050’s, the forthcoming Horizon Europe’s and in particular the European Green Deal’s objectives.

In particular, the sector shall aim at:

  • Reaching climate neutrality despite the doubling of air traffic by 2050; 
  • Increasing air traffic safety level despite a huge increase in air traffic and the insertion of drones;
  • Maintaining the security level, including in the cyber-space, in a context of high terrorism risks; 
  • Providing new services to passengers and increase their comfort through better connectivity and mobility ;

As tomorrow’s research builds also on past and present efforts, the European Commission and its Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) are delighted to present in this Podcast Interviews serie as a selection of the several EU-funded projects demonstrating the support of Europe to aviation research towards a smarter, safer and greener aviation.

For the first time, this 8th edition of the Aerodays - #Aerodays2020 - relies on a double event: 

  • A first part, placed under the European Union’s Presidency of Romania and hosted at the Palace of Parliament, which took place in Bucharest in May 2019. It gathered about 1,000 aviation stakeholders from Europe and all over the world to draw a picture of the state of the art of aviation research reached so far.
  • A second part which, due to the Covid-19 crisis, take place on
  • 25-26 November 2020 on a hybrid format: physically in Germany/Berlin (with a limited participation) and virtually via a dedicated virtual conference and exhibition premise.
  • Linked with the Berlin Aviation Summit on 24 November 2020, the #Aerodays2020 forum is undoubtedly the platform where innovation and new technologies are politically and scientifically endorsed in order to reach the common objectives of the aviation sector.

More info about the #Aerodays2020 on: https://www.aerodays.eu/ 

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