Aerial View


4th of July, Asbury Park 2015

Season 2, Ep. 26

As heard on, an Aerial View Archive:

Let's go back to simpler time. Here's a Red, White & Blue Aerial View Archive! Join me, Sweet T. and our friends James Brown and Jennifer Burton as we bicycle over from Ocean Grove to Asbury Park for a rendezvous with fireworks, Dave Abramson and Glen Jones. You'll hear horns blowing, heavy breathing, Methodists, crowds galore, fire alarms, fireworks and more on this very special "from the scene" Aerial View, recorded July 4, 2015.

Asbury Park holds a special place in my heart. I've been going since those great Glen Jones/X-Ray Burns (RIP) remotes at the old Howard Johnson's. Asbury is also dear because it's where I met Sweet T. during the 2005 Weird NJ Halloween Party at The Stone Pony. It turned out we lived five blocks away from each other in Hoboken. When we got married in 2005 we held our reception at the late, lamented Asbury Lanes (not the new shadow-of-its-former self venue).

Tonight, it's 4th of July, Asbury Par!