Adrift with Geoff Lloyd and Annabel Port


EPISODE 260 - The two-hundred-and-sixtieth episode

Never mind show notes, it's very late and you have to be up early in the morning.

More Episodes

  • EPISODE 271 - The two-hundred-and-seventy-first episode

    Geoff's feeling a little more human this week. Not human enough to muster up any episode notes, though.
  • EPISODE 270 - The two-hundred-and-seventieth episode

    Geoff is a husk, but otherwise it's business as usual
  • EPISODE 269 - The two-hundred-and-sixty-ninth episode

    Sorry it's late. Fun quiz - Is it because:a) Upload issues with the RSS feedb) I fell asleep last night, and only remembered I hadn't done it while I was making myself a cup of tea this morningApologies again
  • EPISODE 268 - The two-hundred-and-sixty-eighth episode

    Geoff and his wife find themselves all alone and at a loose end in the middle of the day, and Annabel lets the mask slip. Language non-explicit, but parental advisory warning: Episode contains the words/phrases 'bonking', 'rumpy-pumpy' and 'how's your father?'
  • EPISODE 267 - The two-hundred-and-sixty-seventh episode

    I've just seen how long this is - sorry. It's because I tell two very long, rambling stories right at the top. I'd fast forward to about 23 minutes in if I were you. Oh, also - I say a swear word. Sorry, I forgot myself.
  • EPISODE 266 - The two-hundred-and-sixty-sixth episode

    Geoff's feeling his age, and Annabel's starting a Substack:
  • EPISODE 265 - The two-hundred-and-sixty-fifth episode

  • EPISODE 264 - The two-hundred-and-sixty-fourth episode

    Annabel's been spring cleaning, and Geoff has been lodging complaints, Plus stories and quandaries from Drifters
  • EPISODE 263 - The two-hundred-and-sixty-third episode

    Geoff is accidentally inappropriate, Annabel's accidentally developed a catchphrase