Addictions and Other Vices


Additions and Other Vices - Fix Mix Nov 9

Addictions and Other Vices

Wednesdays *3pm

Repeats Saturday 2 pm EST

Thanks to all the artists, labels and PR companies that submitted tracks.

Fix Mix 897

Simple Things / James Wood

Head Shrinker / S D Charlton

Rumours (Radio Edit) / Jasmine Rose

Amazon / Rob Munk

Be Your Lover / Yumi And The Weather

Explode / Michele Ari

The Bell / Emily Breeze

Dystopian Mirror / The Bellwether Syndicate

Forever’s Where You Are / Keeley

Magiclands / Blackbirds FC

A Bite Without A Mark / SICKY

Lost in this Moment / Paul McCann

Parallel Lines / Crossword Smiles

Papercuts / Indigo Bay

Time Flies / Karmacoda

A Moment / Magic Seas

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