Addictions and Other Vices


Additions and Other Vices - Fix Mix Nov 3

Addictions and Other Vices

Wednesdays *3pm

Repeats Saturday 2 pm EST

Thanks to all the artists, labels and PR companies that submitted tracks.

Fix Mix 895

Bad (Radio Edit) / Sohodolls

Soul Killer / ON

You / The Bad Day

Secrets / Geoffrey Harold

La La Love / The Secret & The Key

Love Rush / Jemma Johnson

Chemtrails / Weekend Recovery

Pennies / Rona Mac

Superglue / Voodoo Bandits

Bad For You / Django Jones and the Mystery Men

Wolfman / Mike Badger

She / JW Paris

Witching Hour / Ports

Dead On Arrival / Keeley

Scratches On Your Face / Keeley

Addictions and Other Vices

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