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Boris Johnson fights for Brexit; The faith of Antonin Scalia

Ep. 194

On June 23, 2016, Britain voted to exit the European Union, but since then, Members of Parliament have repeatedly delayed Brexit. While Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now fighting to keep Britain's leave from the EU on schedule, establishment MPs are committed to ignoring the democratic voice of the British people. Rev. Richard Turnbull, director of The Center for Enterprise, Markets, and Ethics, helps explain the chaos surrounding recent events unfolding in Parliament and what the future likely holds for Brexit. On the second segment, Christopher Scalia, eighth child of the late Justice Antonin Scalia, joins the podcast to talk about a book on his father's faith, titled "On Faith: Lessons from an American Believer."

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Religious liberty at the Supreme Court

Ep. 237
The latest term of the Supreme Court, which wrapped up on July 8th, saw the Court decide several cases with major implications for religious liberty. While the outcomes of Espinoza v. Montana, Our Lady of Guadalupe School v. Morrissey-Berru and Little Sisters of the Poor v. Pennsylvania have been largely viewed as victories for advocates of expanding religious liberty in America, the court’s decision in Bostock v. Clayton County, authored by Justice Neil Gorsuch and holding that an employer who fires an individual for being gay or transgender violates Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, has been viewed as potentially having adverse consequences for the cause of religious liberty.What are we to make of these latest developments in the Supreme Court’s religious liberty jurisprudence?David French – Senior Editor at The Dispatch and a former constitutional litigator with Alliance Defending Freedom and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education – joins us to discuss the current status of religious liberty, both in the courts and in the culture writ large.Espinoza v. Montana: A victory for school choice – but for how long? - Rev. Ben JohnsonLittle Sisters, big victories - Rev. Ben JohnsonThe Case for Religious Liberty Is More Compelling than the Case for Christian Power - David FrenchWhatever Happened to Baby Blaine? - David French & Sarah IsgurLittle Sisters 2: Vacated and Remanded - David French & Sarah IsgurThe Supreme Court Tries to Settle the Religious Liberty Culture War - David French