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America without God

Ep. 284

Cultural American ideologies, which were historically influenced by Christian beliefs, have continued to deteriorate throughout the years. Faith in politics, rather than having a theological perspective, continues to grow aggressively. While our country is greatly divided, American culture turns to ideological politics for a solution. Shadi Hamid, senior fellow at the center of middle east policy at the Brookings Institution calls it, “religion without religion” in an article titled, "America without God," published in the Atlantic.

America without God 

Islamic Exceptionalism: How the Struggle Over Islam Is Reshaping the World 

Lyman Stone on the decline of religiosity in the United States 

What’s driving the decline of religion in America? Secular education 

Pastors less concerned as religious liberty declined: Poll 

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PC culture on college campuses

Ep. 289
Generation Z is a demographic group born between the late 1990’s and early 2010’s and they are beginning to trickle into workplaces. The push for open mindedness to become the norm in modern society means “Gen Zers” have already been confronted with ideas like fourth wave feminism, intersectionality, the transgender movement, and wokeism throughout their upbringing. Along with receptivity for progressive ideals, Gen Z now claims the largest percent of college attendance in history. In fact, 59 percent of 18 to 20 year olds were enrolled in colleges in 2017, compared to 53 percent of similar aged students in 2002 for the millennial generation.In this episode, Acton Line Producer Gabriel Geagea sits down with Acton Institute’s college interns from our Emerging Leaders program, Grace Hemmeke and Kara Wheeler, to discuss what it is like to be a young woman on a college campus in 2021.A University’s purpose is to train students in developing skills needed to perform a job and instill a desire for the pursuit of higher knowledge. Is this still the case in American Universities today? With educating a generation that is the most inclined to accept progressive ideals, what role, if any, do social beliefs play on a college campus?Camille Paglia: The fearless feministThe politically correct rule at Harvard LawSpeech codes limit campus freedomFree Speech Still Not Free on College CampusesTerrorists or freedom fighters: What's the difference?Left-wing college administrators are a mirror of American political realitySubscribe to Acton Institute Events podcast