Accelerating to a Better Future

  • Green Swans take flight

    The renowned author and sustainability leader John Elkington joins Amanda and Richard in the last of the series of Accelerator podcast. His optimism for the future and the opportunities that a green recovery present is infectious and helps us to herald the launch of the new Centre for Climate Change Innovation.
  • From flying feathers to carbon cutting cotton

    Join Amanda and Richard in this discussion with Elena Dieckmann, co-founder of Aeropowder and Ed Brial, CEO and founder of hydroCotton (now Materra) about how their businesses are using innovative solutions to cut carbon out of the manufacturing cycle.
  • INSIGHTS: Internal Combustion Engine - Good or Bad?

    Dr Marc Stettler from Imperial College London shares the science behind emission free transport systems and discusses the opportunities plus some of the challenges
  • Driving towards zero carbon

    We chat to Jason Hallett from Lixea about using sugar extracted from wood - biomass fractionation that uses low cost ionic liquids to replace hydrogen for vehicles, and to Ian Campbell from Breathe Battery Technologies about making that EV battery go further. Breathe's new software could revolutionise electric vehicles by making the battery last 5% longer.
  • Top to Toe!

    From sustainable affordable key worker homes on the rooftops of city buildings to a revolutionary new way to insulate old homes from below, this podcast covers it all. Arthur Kay discusses how Skyrooms offer an alternative way of providing low cost homes that don't cost the earth by using largely redundant space on top of existing buildings. Our second guest, Matthew Holloway from QBot is working bottom up using remote controlled robot technology to insulate homes below existing floors, reducing heating costs and emissions quickly and efficiently.
  • Out of the cardboard box.....

    A podcast on food packaging and waste, what is and isn't recycled and some of the bio science behind the food packaging industry with Professor Richard Murphy and Dr Jem Woods. Just how many times can you reuse a cardboard box?
  • As good on the outside as it is on the inside

    We hear from our guests about how innovative technology is helping consumers judge the freshness of their packaged food just by touching the label, as well as cutting out the need for single-use plastic by replacing food packaging with edible seaweed.  Solveiga Pakštaite, Founder and Director of Mimica, and Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, Co-Founder and co-CEO of Notpla, join Professor Richard Templer and co host Amanda Carpenter, to get in touch with how their products mean less wasted food and single-use plastic.
  • INSIGHTS: Food Production

    Taking the long view - in this Insights episode we talk to Angela Karp, CEO of the Rothamsted Institute, about some of the history and science of food production, the role of land management and cultivation and what the future holds. Angela also explores how agri science has kept going during wars and pandemics!
  • 3. Speedy Duckweed!

    Hear how our guests have harnessed science to grow Lemna (duckweed) ten times faster and with 99% less water, as well as unlocking plant DNA to make agriculture more sustainable. William Pelton, CEO of Phytoform Labs and Sean Peters, CEO of DryGro, join Professor Richard Templer to talk about how their work means food needn't cost the earth.