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  • 2. Robin Kearns, Amanda Bingley and Alex Kaley discuss 'A Healthy Island Blue Space'

    Dr Amanda Bingley (Lancaster University) and Dr Alex Kaley (Lancaster University) interview Prof Robin Kearns (University of Auckland) about his co-authored paper: A Healthy Island Blue Space: From space of detention to site of sanctuary, published in Health and Place Journal in 2014 (Kearns, R. A., Collins, D., & Conradson, D. (2014). A healthy island blue space: From space of detention to site of sanctuary. Health & place, 30, 107-115: They discuss Robin's motivations for, and experience of, writing the paper, along with other interesting insight, like how to choose the journal that best fits your paper.

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  • 1. Christine Milligan and Amanda Bingley talk about Restorative Places and Scary Spaces

    Prof Christine Milligan and Dr Amanda Bingley talk about their paper Restorative Places and Scary Spaces: The impact of Woodland on the Mental Wellbeing of Young People. Published in Health and Place journal in 2007, the paper is more relevant than ever in addressing the ambivalence that young people may experience in accessing outdoor green space, and the mix of experiences and emotions that these spaces might elicit. The authors talk to Dr Nadia von Benzon about developing the focus of the project, undertaking creative research methods with young people in woodland, and the ongoing importance of their work.