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Interview with Mac Attram - Investor & Business Turnaround Expert for business owner

Season 4, Ep. 240

My Guest

This is a feature-length interview episode with Mac Attram, Investor & Business Turnaround Expert for business owners who want strategies that work, so they make more money & create a better lifestyle.

His career started with a qualification in business, which he was able to convert into a MBA. We talk about his early career at Tesco where he gained managerial experience at an early age. His first business was in technology in the dot.com bubble, which gave him different skills, which helped him in his business life.

He talks about his international speaking career and meeting Robert Kiyosaki. He is the founder of Mac Attram Group of Companies which covers different businesses. He is also founder of Mindspace Coaching. We talk about how he covers so many different parts of business.



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