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Episode 2: Classical

Season 1, Ep. 2

Alexis is on home turf as he dives into the world of classical music with organist and social media sensation, Anna Lapwood. Anna is a fierce advocate for the genre and has done incredible work bringing classical music to new audiences — both through her viral TikToks as well as her activities creating opportunities for musicians of all backgrounds. They get into the tricky business of defining classical music, how to make the genre more accessible to fans and musicians, and guide listeners on where they can start their classical listening journey.  

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  • 10. Episode 10: Musical Theatre

    Rounding off the series, we dive into one of the most divisive genres out there: Musical Theatre. West End star Shanay Holmes is the perfect bridge between die-hard fans and sceptics, and she joins Alexis to unpack the allure and evolution of her genre. Holmes also shares her inspirational journey, from unconventional beginnings to soaring on stage. Discover the essence of great musicals, the performance demands, and the vibrant community it cultivates — and make sure to stick around to get a taste of Shanay’s incredible voice (accompanied by Alexis of course). Explore more from ABRSM at
  • 9. Episode 9: Stadium Pop

    In the summer of 2023, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift ignited a global frenzy with their colossal stadium tours, dominating headlines and economies alike. But amidst the spectacle, questions loom: What does this mean for the future of pop? Can any act from the streaming era ascend to their heights? This episode, Alexis Ffrench delves deep with pop critic Shaad D'Souza, exploring the essence of stadium pop, its evolving sound, and the emergence of a new pop middle class.   Explore more from ABRSM at 
  • 8. Episode 8: Hip-Hop

    We're diving deep into the genre that is at the heart of global culture: Hip-Hop. Joined by esteemed DJ Semtex, renowned host, and author of "Hip Hop Raised Me", Alexis explores the genre's monumental impact over its 50-year journey. From its humble NYC origins to becoming a billion-dollar industry, Hip-Hop has reshaped music, fashion, and beyond. With Semtex's infectious passion and unparalleled connections, we unravel the genre's evolution and its enduring influence on the world stage. Content flag: DJ Semtex uses a racial slur in the context of a very personal, formative story at 08:27 - 10:50 — if you would rather not hear this, please skip past this point or enjoy one of our many other episodes. Explore more from ABRSM at 
  • 7. Episode 7: Bhangra

    Bhangra is responsible for one of the most iconic floor fillers of all time, the instantly recognisable ‘Mundian To Bach Ke by Punjabi MC. But Bhangra is no one-hit wonder — there is a rich culture and community that thrives around this genre to this day. This episode, we are journeying through the Bhangra sound with the help of Rav & Dee — better known as Panjabi Hit Squad. DJs, producers and pioneers of the Desi Beat sound, they formed in 2002 with a mission to bring music from the east, mix it with beats from the west and get people dancing. Together, we unpack the origins of the genre in the Punjab region, how the sound evolved within immigrant communities here in the UK and what is next for the Bhangra scene.  Explore more from ABRSM at 
  • 6. Episode 6: Jazz

    Jazz’s influence can be felt in almost all popular genres today — dance music, hip-hop, even pop. But the genre itself can sometimes seem inaccessible. Why? Alexis unravels the enigmatic allure of jazz with the remarkable Yazz Ahmed, a trailblazing trumpeter and composer. Yazz invites us into the vibrant world of contemporary jazz, a world where innovators, rather than traditionalists, reign supreme. From Arabic influences to electronic experiments, her music and tastes transcend boundaries, and she is brimming with surprising, accessible recommendations to start your own listening journey.  Explore more from ABRSM at 
  • 5. Episode 5: Country

    How is country music changing with the times? Broadcasting legend Bob Harris joins as the guide through the intricate landscape of country music. With his extensive experience hosting The Country Show on BBC Radio 2, Bob offers unique insights into the genre's evolution and its impact on both sides of the Atlantic. From timeless icons like Dolly Parton to modern trailblazers such as Kasey Musgraves, Bob's interviews and advocacy have shaped the UK's relationship with Nashville. As Alexis delves into what defines ‘real’ country sound and the inclusivity of the genre, Bob's wisdom sheds light on the diverse voices shaping its future.  Explore more from ABRSM at
  • 4. Episode 4: K-pop

    From PSY’s megahit Gangnam Style in 2012 to BlackPink headlining Coachella in 2023, Korean pop, or K-pop, has gone global over the last ten years. So, what is the secret behind the genre’s international success? We dive into the 360-degree appeal of K-pop — the aesthetics, the choreography, the fandom and of course the music itself — with the help of podcaster and journalist Vivian Yoon. Alexis and Vivian unpack the multifaceted world of K-pop, diving headfirst into the sonic landscape to track down the illusive musical element that underpins the genre. Explore more from ABRSM at
  • 3. Episode 3: Afrobeats

    Is Afrobeats the sound of the future? Already huge across Africa, Europe and here in the UK — the infectious genre has also enjoyed more recent success in the US. Afrobeats acts are topping the Billboard Hot 100, selling out Madison Square Garden and collaborating with huge pop names like Selena Gomez, Drake and Justin Bieber. Alexis sits down with Christian Adolfo, journalist and author of A Quick Ting on Afrobeats — the first ever book on modern Afrobeats — to find out where this genre came from, how the sound has evolved and where it’s headed.  Explore more from ABRSM at