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E=ME2 A Unified Theory

Season 1, Ep. 3
Audio Book E=ME2 Chapter 1 Free Preview1 Hour Great teachers force us to question. Great teachers force us to think, to seek understanding, to seek truth. Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha, Confucius, Abraham, Krishna and many others have taught us that there is something beyond all of us, but what is that energy, what is that truth? Where does it come from?Was that energy that was something that was beyond me, or could I access this energy all the time? When we have the death experience are we finished or are we infinite? Theology teaches us that “I AM” created in the likeness of God, there is no death and that life is eternal. What does that really mean? Have you ever really thought about it? What I learned is that nothing JUST happens. Like the domino effect, everything is inter-connected! One thing impacts another and everything impacts you! What is truth? What is culture? Why do I have emotions? What is energy? How is energy created? How is life experience created? What is your intuition? Why do I have tears? Albert Einstein once said, “Everyone is a genius but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid”. I AM a product of an education model that did not work for my style of learning. I spent many years fighting off a feeling of “not being good enough” because of my inability to read and write to the standard of other kids when I was young. I questioned a lot of things, and some things, I just accepted because I didn’t have the life experience to compare my thought to anything different. Words did not teach me, applying words to my life experience did. I did not learn until I could apply the topic to my own life experience. Everything I learned in school prepared me for my profession but it did not prepare me for the trials and tribulations of everyday life. In 2006, my entire life collapsed all around me. How did that happen? How could all of my worst night mares have come true? Was God out to get me? How could these experiences have entered into my reality? My physical, mental, spiritual and emotional faculties were challenged in a way that I had never been challenged before. My entire body system was crying out for me to listen but I ignored the signs, life became something that I had to survive. I cried an awful lot, and for a very long time. What was the point of the buckets of tears I had cried and the stabbing pain that I had felt in my heart so often? Who created that for me? I had to intellectualize and understand my emotional pain. I set out to heal myself, I set out to find my truth. My journey of seeking understanding truth has taken me from the physical, to the non-physical, to metaphysics, theoretical physics, spirituality, quantum physics, theology, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, medical science, sociology, to history, to economics, to political science. It has taken me from grief and despair to absolute joy, it has taken me from heaven to hell, to the America’s, to Europe, to the United Kingdom, to The Middle East, to Africa and Asia, and it has taken me right back home where I started.