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A Word with Tom Merritt

Code Switching - Robb Dunewood

Season 1, Ep. 26

Code switching. What is it? Why does it happen? Is it necessary? Robb Dunewood shares his personal experience to help us understand what it is and what it isn't.

Featuring Tom Merritt and Robb Dunewood.


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  • 3.5. Demo - Allison Sheridan (Extra)

    Here are three excerpts from the Demo episode with Allison Sheridan that didn't make the final cut. Thank you for being you!Featuring Tom Merritt, Amos, and Allison Sheridan.
  • 3. Demo - Allison Sheridan

    Allison Sheridan joins us to talk about demos. From Steve Jobs to Douglas Englebart to her own demo experience in her career. Why do we do them and why doe we enjoy watching them?Featuring Tom Merritt and Allison
  • 2. Career - Lamarr Wilson

    In our first return guest, we talk to creator/influencer Lamarr Wilson about the word career. Lamarr talks about changing his career later in life from education to content creation. Why he switched and how his early interests and experiences with tech really set the stage for who he is now.Featuring Tom Merritt and Lamarr Wilson.
  • 1. Drone - Keenan Wyrobek

    Zipline has been delivering medicine and other things by drone for more than a decade and just keeps on expanding. Tom talks with the CTO of Zipline, Keenan Wyrobek, about the word drone. What does it mean to him, why do they call their drones "zips" and what is the future for unmanned aerial vehicles delivery? Can it really become commonplace?Featuring Tom Merritt and Keenan
  • 27. Did You Like Season One?

    Tom wraps up the first season of "A Word" and asks for your suggestions for season two!Featuring Tom Merritt.Send us your suggestions:
  • 25.5. Hawaii - Ryan Ozawa (Extra)

    Here's a little bit from the interview with Ryan Ozawa that didn't necessarily fit into the main discussion. We moved it to bonus content because, while it didn't fit thematically with the happiness of the rest of the episode, Ryan's passion for his home is endearing - even if a little course sometimes.Featuring Tom Merritt and Ryan Ozawa.
  • 25. Hawaii - Ryan Ozawa

    Hawaii is a paradise but there's more to it than meets the postcard. Ryan Ozawa is a native and advocate and talks to us about his perspective on the island and what makes it great.Featuring Tom Merritt and Ryan OzawaLinks:
  • 24. Humanity - Ruby Justice Thélot

    Humanity is facing a threat and a possible replacement from machines. But is it as bad as we might think? Ruby Justice Thélot talks to us about the philosophy of the future of humanity.Featuring Tom Merritt and Ruby Justice Thélot.Ruby's Links: