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A Very Good Year

1953 with Sheila O'Malley

Ep. 40

Sheila O’Malley is a classic film buff who joins the esteemed ranks of our “the 1950s were AWESOME, actually” guests, looking back at the equally compelling domestic and foreign cinema of the wild, eventful year of 1953. Ruined women! International sideboob! Juvenile delinquents! What’s not to love? Sponsored by the New York Film Festival.

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  • 52. A Very Good Year of A Very Good Year

    We wrap up our first season — a full year of shows — in true season finale fashion: with a super-sized clip show, featuring some of our favorite segments from the past year, including our own Top 5 (of the best movies we watched for the first time for the show). Plus, a very good origin story, background on some of our most cherished episodes, and more!The headlines segment is from Episode 11: 1975 with Sean Burns, which you can listen to here. Tracks is from Episode 6: 1976 with Noah Segan, which you can listen to here. Martha Marcy May Marlene is from Episode 27: 2011 with Kristen Meinzer, which you can listen to here. MMMM is available for digital rental or purchase.Babo 73 is from Episode 15: 1964 with Frank Conniff, which you can listen to here. Babo 73 is currently streaming on the Criterion Channel. Stalker is from Episode 14: 1979 with Bradford Young, which you can listen to here. Stalker is currently streaming on HBO Max and the Criterion Channel. And Sunrise is from Episode 3: 1927 with Dana Stevens, which you can listen to here. Sunrise is currently streaming on Tubi, Hoopla, the Roku Channel, and Classix. The awards and box office segment is from Episode 30: 1972 with Judy Becker, which you can listen to here; the lightning round is from Episode 23: 1993 with Karina Longworth, which you can listen to here. Thank you so much for supporting us over the course of this first season!
  • A Very Good Bonus Episode - 1935 After Show

    In this week’s bonus episode, we continue to geek out about getting Leonard Maltin on the show, go long on the Marx Brothers, and do a bit of season wrap-up.
  • 51. 1935 with Leonard Maltin

    Our final guest of the season is a legend of film history and criticism who spent 30 years as film critic for “Entertainment Tonight,” 25 years (and counting) teaching at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, and his entire career writing essential books including (but certainly not limited to) his standard-setting “Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide.” He joins us to discuss the movies of 1935, including his favorite Alfred Hitchcock, his favorite Marx Brothers, and a particularly timely pick for the spooky season. 
  • A Very Good Bonus Episode - 1984 After Show

    This week, we follow up our Siskel & Ebert-centered episode with Jason’s memories of his introduction to Gene and Roger (and, through them, to film criticism itself). Plus Mike goes wild over Terror in the Aisles, we talk a bit more about the legacy of Ghostbusters, and close out with more of the ‘84 lightning round.
  • 50. 1984 with Matt Singer

    Matt Singer is a film critic, entertainment journalist, and author — and his latest book is a real treat for all you nerds who listen to this nerdy show. “Opposable Thumbs: How Siskel & Ebert Changed Movies Forever” is a combination of dual biography, media history, and film commentary, so he joins us to talk about his love for Siskel & Ebert, and how it led him to this book. And they were active during his year of choice, 1984, so Matt not only shares his thoughts on his top five, but Gene & Roger’s as well. 
  • A Very Good Bonus Episode - 1990 After Show

    We had to lose so much great stuff from this week's episode with guest Joe Lynch that we decided to lead off this week's bonus episode with a bunch of outtakes - and since we wanted to share all of that with so many of you, this week's bonus episode is free to the feed. So join us for more on 'Suitable Flesh,' more on 'Nightbreed' and 'Darkman,' and more in general. AND THEN you'll get to hear what an after-show sounds like, as Mike and Jason talk more about the movies of 1990, including some talk about 'The Godfather Part III,' 'Mo' Better Blues,' and 'Goodfellas,' PLUS we'll plow through even more of this week's Lightning Round titles. If you like this bonus episode and would like to hear more, either become a paid subscriber on Substack or upgrade to a premium subscription on Apple Podcasts! 
  • 49. 1990 with Joe Lynch

    Joe Lynch is a genre director extraordinaire - his credits include ‘Wrong Turn 2,’ ‘Everly,’ ‘Mayhem,’ ‘Point Blank,’ and his latest, the H.P. Lovecraft adaptation ‘Suitable Flesh’ (out in theaters and on VOD October 27). Joe was in his early teens in 1990, and for reasons we’ll discuss, saw pretty much anything and everything in this year that proved key to his development as a filmmaker and movie lover. 
  • A Very Good Bonus Episode - 1973 After Show

    On this week’s bonus episode - our longest to date! - we begin with a show outtake of guest Jason Diamond going long on his history with Long Goodbye star Elliott Gould. Then we dig into this year of excellent ‘70s movies, including digressions on The Exorcist, Blaxploitation, Larry Cohen, and more.
  • 48. 1973 with Jason Diamond

    Jason Diamond is one of our favorite writers, and not just because of his quality prose — it’s because he’s an expert and an enthusiast, about everything from men’s fashion to books to bagels. And one of his favorite things to geek out about is the cinema of the ‘70s, so he joins us this week to talk up 1973, and five films that, in their own (sometimes twisted) ways, made him who he is today.