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The Difficult That Comes With the Fun w/ Blaire Postman

Candice is joined by stand-up comedian Blaire Postman aka Lady ADHD. She talks about her later-in-life ADHD diagnosis, triggers from her youth, freeing herself from being a "girl good," shame and stigmas surrounding people living with addictions, and how there's no timestamps on life.

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  • Cold Brew: Put On Your Oxygen Mask First

    Cold Brew is back and after a super busy summer of trips and home improvements, Candice is so ready for the fall. She's still stunned over the concerts she saw: Taylor Swift, Misterwives, and Bishop Briggs. She's also excited about musicians reuniting at an award show. She later answers your questions about: getting your first apartment, an overly expensive bachelorette weekend, and your friend hooking you up with someone they used to date.
  • Celebrity Gossip with Boundaries w/ Deuxmoi

    Candice is joined by the founder and voice behind celebrity gossip brand, Deuxmoi, and how they went from working a full-time day job in fashion to often being the first to share breaking pop culture gossip. But what set Deuxmoi apart from the other gossip channels and accounts? Well, first of all, they’re completely anonymous and they make it clear from the start: these are rumors and gossip, not facts. There are certain boundaries they do not cross and sources they do not reveal. Deuxmoi has become more than just posts on a timeline but a community with even celebrities in the mix, chatting in their DMs. So join the chat and hear how a part-time hobby became a lucrative business involving a book (“Anon Pls: A Novel”) and pending Hollywood projects. Deuxmoi's Social Media:Instagram out ANON PLS: A NOVEL's Social
  • Waiting for a Callback w/ Michael Rosenbaum

    Candice is joined by actor, comedian, and just an all-arounder of a human being, Michael Rosenbaum, to discuss how he has worked to become the best version of himself over the decades - both while in and at a distance from the industry. From his breakout role on a comic book superhero series, to finally directing and producing his own passion projects (like his podcast!) was a transformative experience in itself. They talk about the power of therapy, knowing who your real friends are, and yes, they briefly mention the fact that Candice never called back all those years ago after a few dates. Michael's Social Media: out “Inside of You” Podcast out “Talkville Podcast”'s Social Guests:Deuxmois
  • Coming Out the Comedy Closet w/ Liz Glazer

    Candice is joined by comedian Liz Glazer. They discuss everything including her conservative Jewish upbringing, gay conversion therapy, and the informative loss of her stillborn first daughter. But just as importantly, her ability to find laughter in the healing process. This world altering experience would become inspiration for her latest album “A Very Particular Experience”.  She also explains how at the age of 33 and as a then tenured law professor, she decided to quit her former career to pursue her passion: stand-up comedy. Liz's Social Media: out “A Very Particular Experience”:'s Social
  • Protecting Children Online w/ Sarah Adams

    Candice is joined by Sarah Adams aka “Mom Uncharted” to discuss the major dangers of posting children online. After having a child of her own, Sarah was alarmed by fellow parents online posting extremely private content of their own kids. She took to TikTok to express her concerns, found a community, and now actively advocates for the protection of children from online predators and exploitation. And no, not every post of a child may be child exploitation but we should all definitely look inward to why we wish to post them at all. Sarah’s Social Media:'s Social Guests:Liz Glazer
  • Comedy Gives Back w/ Zoe Friedman, Amber J Lawson, and Jodi Lieberman

    Candice is joined by the founders behind Comedy Gives Back, a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide a “safety net for the comedy community by providing financial crisis relief, mental health and chemical dependency treatment sponsorship and continued community support”. Zoe Friedman, Amber J Lawson, and Jodi Lieberman all found their own ways into loving and working in comedy (just not on stage - they’ll leave that to the artists). But they decided to join forces in 2019 after the tragic suicide of beloved comedian Brody Stevens, who openly had struggled with mental health as many other comedians presently do. After a pandemic and now Hollywood strikes that have put many projects on hold, Comedy Gives Back serves as a safe space and place of great resource to the artists that work so hard to make sure we can still laugh despite life’s everyday challenges. Comedy Gives Back's Social Media:'s Social Guests:Sarah AdamsLiz Glazer
  • Here We Go Again w/ Tiffani Thiessen

    Candice is joined by TV icon and amazing cook Tiffani Thiessen to talk not only how she went from beauty pageants to being one of the most iconic faces of 80s and 90s television but also, how she now on the precipice of turning 50, looks back on the journey that’s been her life so far. Considering that the likes of Justin Bieber has worn her face on a T-shirt, Tiffani has remained amazingly grounded. Wonderful family, friends, and especially, food are to thank. She shares the love with her second cookbook “Here We Go Again” which teaches us how to make the most of leftovers or what would be remnants tossed in the trash. If Tiffani has it her way, the only thing that’d get thrown out is celery! No questions. Thank you. Tiffani's Social Media:'s Social Guests:Co-Founders of ComedyGivesBack
  • Superblooming w/ Mandy Lee of MisterWives

    Candice is joined by musician Mandy Lee (of MisterWives) to chat about how the once solo singer-songwriter became the frontwoman of a full fledged band. They then talk about the band’s recent albums before and after their previous label unceremoniously dropped them, Mandy’s divorce from her ex-husband but still a bandmate, and coming out of it all more self-assured than ever. From the more bright and ethereal “Superbloom” to their latest release “Nosebleeds” under a new self-owned label, Mandy has shown she is a multi-faceted artist that is ever changing as long as she’s growing. Catch Misterwives on tour and experience a super bloom from the nosebleeds live! Mandy's Social Media: on Spotify Candice's Social
  • Cold Brew: Push It To The Limit

    Candice's struggles with her keys have come to an end. Her house ghosts might be trying to kill her with kindness. And she's planned a fly fishing trip with her friends... they just don't know it yet.