A Rendezvous With Destiny


A Break from Destiny: We Wish you a Merry Mythmas

Season 2.5, Ep. 2

And now, dear Scions, a very special message from the RWD Cast. As thanks for all your amazing support this past year, we've jumbled together our favourite moments from our very first season for you to enjoy, all in one go! Regular episodes will resume on December 31st. Have a wonderful holiday season!

A Rendezvous With Destiny: An actual play podcast of Onyx Path's Scion. New episodes every other Thursday!

Episodes Featured:

Episode Three: Strawberry Fields

Episode Four: Strawberry Fields pt. 2

Episode Five: Courting Fate

Episode Six: Quoth the Raven

Episode Seven: Breakfast, and Then Maybe Death

Episode Eight: So, You Think You Might be Magic

Episode Nine: Annie, Are You Okay?

Episode Ten: Amazons Prime

All music previously featured within clips chosen may be found in the original episode's description.

Music Featured:

Fire Crackling Sound Effect | Royalty and Copyright Free :: RoyaltyFreeSounds on Youtube

Happy Christmas Background Music For Videos:: MorningLightMusic on Youtube

RWD Theme :: Amelia Chisholm

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