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A Quick One

Blanket Man, The Lodger & Spread Joy

Ep. 30

This week featuring the sounds of:

Blanketman - Leave The South

The Lodger - Dual Lives

Spread Joy - Unoriginal

For those mystified by the Rainbow, Bungle and Chas 'n' Dave references:


Chas and Dave

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  • 34. Black Midi, The Tragically Hip & Andy Stott

    Oops, we've crept over the 50-minute line. Can we still be called A Quick One? No longer the 3-minute wonders of our youth. But I couldn't cut out the fascinating asides, including surprising (to me) facts about the the life of late David Gest.Black Midi - John LThe Tragically Hip - Not NecessaryAndy Stott - Don't Know How (feat. Alison Skidmore)
  • 33. Lump, Fog Lake & White Flowers

    We are celebrating our almost first birthday with an episode sticking to our tried and tested formula. Don't call us formulaic, though.Lump - AnimalFog Lake - DakotaWhite Flowers - Night DriveHere's a link to Robin's Hugh Grant themed podcast: Hugh Do Hugh Think Hugh Are?
  • 32. Ducks Ltd, The Bug Club & The Antlers

    After a month off, we return triumphantly with the help of new team member, Robin. Well, I say triumphantly - technical glitches meant an editing headache and a less-than-optimum listening experience in parts of this episode, for which we apologise sincerely. Bear with us; we'll be back, better, stronger, faster.Ducks Ltd - As Big As All OutsideThe Bug Club - We Don't Need Room For Lovin'The Antlers - It Is What It IsMatty shamelessly promotes the latest offering from The Tall Boy: 'Other People's Songs', available at
  • 31. Fake Fruit, Du Blonde & The Chills

    Which of these songs is your favourite? Do you agree with us?Fake Fruit - No MutualsDu Blonde - I'm Glad That We Broke UpThe Chills - Monolith
  • 29. The Reds, Pinks & Purples, Opposite Sex and Warm Red

    Three more hot hits are discussed, amongst other things...The Reds, Pinks & Purples - The Record Player and the Damage DoneOpposite Sex - Shoots Me Like a KnifeWarm Red - Comes Out
  • 28. Jane Weaver, Persona & Tele Novella

    We're back with three cracking tracks on which to feast your ears. Follow the links to watch the videos as you listen.Jane Weaver - HeartlowPersona - Old Man, Young WomanTele Novella - Paper Crown
  • 27. Cheekface, Swansea Sound & Lynks

    They're back for season 2, chapter 2021, and looking for the latest hot sounds, and ideas for features. In this episode, sound effects, which may not last beyond this, episode 27.Cheekface - Call Your MomSwansea Sound - I Sold My Soul on EbayLynks - Everyone's Hot (And I'm Not)
  • 26. 2020: It wasn't all bad...

    It's the final show of the year, therefore we have to look back, but then we must look forward.