105.EN Best of #COVID19 Cities - Mustafa Sherif

Season 1, Ep. 105

Best take away messages from 86. EN. Post COVID19 cities for people - Helle Søholt. & 16. EN. Coronavirus. How will cities survive? - Stefan Hyttfors. & 17. EN. Coronavirus. Keep the interaction - Andrew Hennigan. & 27. EN. Coronavirus. The Soft City & the life in between buildings - David Sim. & 19. EN. Coronavirus. How to fix travel industry - Doug Lansky. & 47. EN. Gather festival and Stockholm night life - Jakob Grandin.

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Note !

The sound quality of #UrbanisticaPodcast s' episodes that are recorded during #COVID19 time might not be perfect. Due to the online recording and the use of different types of microphones by guests and #MustafaSherif. Thank you so much for understanding and listening.

Stay safe !

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