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267.ENG The After Covid City Global Charter - Khadidja Konate, Ethan Kent & Ramon Marrades

Season 5, Ep. 267

Khadidja Konate (Architect and Placemaking Europe Leader),

Ethan Kent (Executive Director, PlacemakingX) &

Ramon Marrades (Director at Placemaking Europe).

We are talking about The AfterCovid.City Global Charter:

  • The background of this project/initiative?
  • What is the goal /mission of this Global Charter?
  • Tell us more about the methodology that made this happen? Tell us about the co-creation process of writing the charter.
  • Who are the contributors? How did you contact them? Only from the EU? Why these people?
  • Tell us more about the findings.
  • What were the challenges during this project/initiative?
  • What is the next step?

Read The AfterCovid.City Global Charter. here https://aftercovid.city/the-charter/

For further connection please email hey@aftercovid.city

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