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265.ENG Smart security poles - Alexander Pavlov

Season 5, Ep. 265
Alexander Pavlov (Project Manager Security Specialist, AFRY )We are talking about:- Kungstorget (The Kings Square) with H22 Helsingborg- How was the process of the project? What are the challenges that you were facing?- How would Alexander explain his solution as unique in comparison to what we haven’t heard or read about before?- Did Alexander ever think that this was impossible what Helsingborg wanted him to solve?- How much did Alexs' colleagues at AFRY and Axis communication and others involved support him?- Sweden is a country with a lot of laws and they see personal integrity as a huge factor in public places. What challenges did Alex face when It comes to the CCTV system inside the poles!- How much security would you like to see in future smart cities?This Episode is in collaboration with H22 City Expo in Helsingborg. Read more here https://h22.se/en/Enjoy your listening. Let's connect and talk further about this episodeMustafa Sherif LinkedinVisitMustafasherif.comfor collaborations and nominations or just email me atinfo@mustafasherif.comKeep Up the Good Work. Keep Loving Cities❤️️.Follow Urbanisticaand let's get in touch:ClubhouseInstagramFacebookYoutube channelThanks to Urbanistica Podcast partner AFRY.AFRY is an international engineering and design company providing sustainable solutions in the fields of energy, industry, and infrastructure. Read more about AFRYhttps://afry.com/en