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Episode 56 That Great Business Show - Peter Turley, hiring great sales people, Chris Burge, Spark Crowdfunding, investing like a VC (but from just €100!)

Season 1, Ep. 56

This is Episode 56 of 'Ireland's best business podcast', posting on the 8th of October 2021.


3.00" Peter Turley tells us how to hire great sales people.


35.00" Chris Burge, Co-Founder & CEO at Spark Crowdfunding, who wants to give Irish investors access to new investment opportunities that would previously only have been open to Venture Capitalists or Private Equity firms. 


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Episode 88 That Great Business Show Sarah & Tomás Kenny, Kenny's Bookshop - Paul Byrne, Currency Fair / Zai - John Ward, Kevin Ward, Thomas Ward - all of Servblock

Season 1, Ep. 88
Sarah and Tomás Kenny, of the iconic bookshop (it's really much, much more than that) talk about how they're winning against Jeff Bezos's Amazon through personal, expert service (Jeff doesn't answer the phone, the Kenny's do!) and giving a specialist service to many of the world's best known libraries. It's fascinating business, trying to keep track of literally hundreds of thousands of titles they ship to customers across the globe. They talk about taking controlled risks to extend their reach in the highly competitive world of finding and selling major book collections. And their 'hire in a heartbeat', world-renowned author Stephen King, who could attract thousands to their shop. Find out how.30.00" Paul Byrne, CEO, Currency Fair / Zai. If you have any ambitions for your business, tiny or massive (though he'd prefer massive) here's a masterclass in what's needed to achieve success. With three successful exits under his belt, Paul is now working on No. 4 and he's hoping to achieve a valuation of...€10,000,000! Just another Irish unicorn so. This is compelling listening, a no-holds-barred explanation of how to achieve success - what to aim for, what NOT to do, If you have friends in business, or who would like to get into business, do share this with them.1.00.00" The Brothers Ward. We had Kevin Ward join TeamGBS on Episode 17 when he told us about the early days of his Reward Catering business, that makes fabulously designed and crafted food catering trucks, designed in the style of the 1950's Airstream caravans, all glitz and chrome. He starts by telling us that since that time that business has grown to become one of Europe's largest catering trucks makers, make in Rathnew Wicklow, and sold as far away as Los Angeles. BUT, that's not they came to talk about. The three brothers, John (CEO), Kevin (COO) and Thomas (CTO) are now also on a different road, this time having developed a blockchain dependent software that should make drug discovery cheaper. But we'll leave the explanation to them. If you know what they're talking about, they're looking for money and would like to talk to you!All the great insights on That Great Business Show are brought to thanks to our sponsor, De Facto Shaving Oil, makers of the world's finest all-natural shaving oil.

Episode 87 That Great Business Show - Colette Twomey, founder Clonakilty Black Pudding, Kevin Maughan, CEO Urban Volt, talks about the rise of the sun in powering businesses

Season 1, Ep. 87
3.00" Colette Twomey, founder of Clonakilty Black Pudding talks about her new project, her own golf club. As you do. She was trained as a brain technician but married a butcher which led to what is now a worldwide Irish food brand, known from Clonakilty to Sydney, Australia.She explains how a Dunnes Stores tea lady led to their hugely successful 'gluten free' range. She talks about producing 'white label' black pudding for other butchers.She gives a history lesson about the rise of supermarket multiples and what it meant for the Clonakilty business.Colette talks about how hard she worked, traversing the back roads of West Cork.She and her late husband, Edward, never wrote down a business plan but they had a vision. That was 'we love the pudding so much we'd like if people could buy it wherever they live'.The story of how they expanded into Australia is very revealing.She also reveals her plans for the US and for the soon to be launched vegetarian puddings.And she explains why it's all about attitude.She was a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition which she says gave her 'global vision'.Her 'hire in a heartbeat'? She chose a few - Norah Casey and Paula FitzSimons42.00" Kevin Maughan, CEO, Urban Volt talks about solar energy as a service. Serendipitously the EU has just announced a big move for Europe to move away from Russian fossil fuels.Curiously Ireland has a lot of daylight, which is all that is needed to make solar energy viable. But Urban Volt also has its fingers in another ten international markets.He talks about the 'battery first' future where businesses will produce their own solar energy and then store it in their own batteries.He mentions a perceived conflict of interest where State led utilities may be causing distortions in the energy market.His 'hire in a heartbeat' - Shane Lanigan of Beach Point CapitalThe great insights on That Great Business are made possible through the support of De Facto Shaving Oil