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E18 That Great Business Show - Caoimhe Heery, working from home law, Damien Browne, Standard Access raising €4m, Tracy Armstrong, Founder Kombucha KO

Season 1, Ep. 18

E18 That Great Business Show, Ireland's best business podcast

3.30" Caoimhe Heery, Partner at Flynn O'Driscoll lawyers on the 'working from home' legislation and why, technically, a self-employed person could be breaking the law by working too hard!

24' Damien Browne, CEO Standard Access, on his company's multi-billion dollar business opportunity around commercial buildings and why he's raising €4 million to bring his Dingle, Kerry business to the rest of the world

43' Tracy Armstrong, co-founder, Kombucha KO, on pivoting from Hello magazine to brewing her fermented tea in her apartment, why Ferbane, County Offaly is Ireland's kombucha centre, and why she wants to be listed by O'Brien's Wine

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E27 That Great Business Show, Patrice Butler - FIFO Capital, Dan Gandesha - Onate, Úna Herlihy - Indie List, Philip Gardiner - Renatus

Season 1, Ep. 27
2.00" Patrice Butler, Business Partner, FIFO Capital - invoices turned into cash immediately, with no contract - a viable alternative to the banks. FIFO Capital is also looking for new investors - an opportunity for people to invest money and get a considerably better return on your money (between 8% - 15% per annum) - but do, do, do take advice. And Patrice wants to hire TeamGBS member Aimee Connolly ('Sculpted By Aimee') as her 'hire in a heartbeat'.25.00" Dan Gandesha, co-founder Onate, a Kilkenny based alternative source of finance for B2B bridging finance to developers with property projects that need short term financing such as buildings that may need a small amount of refurb to make them market ready. Dan is a successful entrepreneur who has chosen to jump into a new (three months old) Kilkenny based business to see what comes of it! Dan's 'Hire in a Heartbeat'? Toto Wolff, CEO of Mercedes FI team. Find out why Dan thinks Toto is tops.42.00" Una Herlihy, co-founder of the Indie List. How a hammock and a beer led to her founding a business bringing businesses and creatives together. If your business could do with short term or project based help from project managers, e-commerce experts or cool creative types, the Indie List is where you'll find them. Una's heartbeat hire is her sister - Marie Maher, because creative types aren't always great on the paperwork!61.00" Philip Gardiner, Associate Director with Renatus. If you're not on their Sunday morning email mailing list you are missing out on some great weekly business intel. But that's not all they do. The real business is private equity investment and Philip explains what size companies (profits above €1m) and sectors (wait'll you hear it...) they invest in. He gives a big shout out to David Maxwell of one of their investee companies Boojum, the man Philip would hire in a heartbeat.That Great Business Show is backed by that great shaving oil company De Facto. But it today.

E26 That Great Business Show - Rock Running for business, LINC business network, B Corps, Dublin Coding School

Season 1, Ep. 26
E26 That Great Business Show - Ireland's best business podcast - presented by Conall O Móráin1.40" Dave Kerr, boss at Wicklow based VBT IT solutions, is a rock star. He's had 5,000 views already on his LinkedIn page about his highly unusual hobby of 'rock running'...running 6m under the ocean carrying heavy rocks. Why does he do it? It's great for business. Dave also shares his other business hacks. And who would he 'hire in a heartbeat'? Well, he wants a cross between Stuart Lancaster and Brian O'Driscoll, but more for gossip than business!17.00" Patrick Buckley is Managing Director at Mallow, Cork based EPS Group - a real golden nugget of a company that employs over 500 people. But Patrick joined Team GBS not to talk EPS (he got his pitch in however!) but to talk about LINC a North Cork, East Limerick network of engineering companies. He explains why competitor companies working together rather than against each other makes companies stronger and more successful. He says that sectoral clusters should be the new FDI for Ireland. His 'hire in a heartbeat'? Julie Sinnamon, outgoing boss of Enterprise Ireland but he's not sure if he could afford her!40.30" Claire MacEvilly, Corporate Affairs Director with Danone, explains why every company should look at becoming a B Corp, part of a worldwide movement to promote businesses to be more than just for profit, but to be a force for good in society. Becoming a B Corp is also good for the bottom line with other member firms keen to promote the concept and sales rising sharply as the public recognises those companies that are making a wider effort. Claire had two choices that she would 'hire in a heartbeat' - actor Alan Alda and philanthropist Chuck Feeney. She met both. Find out what she thought of them.56.00" Ireland will have a staggering 150,000 person shortfall in the IT sector next year according to Luke Treacy, General Manager of the Dublin Coding School. Part of a successful chain of coding schools, the Dublin satellite has just opened. They say they can train people to entry level in IT skills like Data Analytics and Systems Testing, in just ten weeks. Luke thinks it's an ideal option for the many who worry their jobs will not return post-Covid. And he brought our 'hire in a heartbeat' feature distinctly upmarket, saying he would hire successful businessman (also writer!) William Shakespeare to join his is sponsored by That Great Business Show is recorded at the Dublin South FM podcast studios.