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E14 That Great Business Show

Season 1, Ep. 14

E14 A special edition featuring Tony Smurfit CEO of the eponymous Smurfit Kappa group.Tony talks candidly about why retiring is not an option, his relationship with his father Michael Smurfit, keeping in touch with 46,000 employees across 35 countries during Covid times, what his plans are for the recent €660m Smurfit Kappa fundraising, gambling (badly!) on American football games, his thoughts on NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes, his admiration of Dermot Smurfit. He also says he never considered being a male model (we ask all the important questions on That Great Business Show!)

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E38 That Great Business Show Tanya Thompson, Sluamor - Chris Deans, CraneWW Logistics - Michael McCambridge, McCambridges Bread - Geraldine Kavanagh, Forager & Glendalough Distillery

Season 1, Ep. 38
2.00" Tanya Thompson, one-time rally co-driver turned CTO at Sluamor, a software aimed at getting SMEs more and better business using intelligent search to identify opportunities in Ireland first, then the world. Sluamor also makes procurement easier by identifying relevant and capable suppliers. How they worked out their pricing is insightful. Tanya's 'hire in a heartbeat is Oprah Winfrey to help build Sluamor into a recognised world brand, just like Oprah herself!22.00" Michael McCambridge is the boss at the eponymously named McCambridges Bread, known and loved by Irish (and other) people both at home and abroad. Michael discusses how to build a bread 'brand', his court battles to stop possible 'passing off' of other breads as being the same as his 30% market leader, how he's testing different products on Amazon for both the separate UK and US markets and why he'd love to have his late parents, tragically killed in a car accident, back working with him as he'd hire them in a heartbeat.42.00" Chris Deans of CraneWW Logistics makes a welcome return to That Great Business Show since he last appeared on E4, correctly forecasting that we were going to eating smaller turkeys for Christmas (this year he's betting big on BIG turkeys). Chris discusses what's really going on in import/export including the massive increase in business at Rosslare Port, the even more massive rise in rail freight from China to Europe (yes, your container is wending its way on the slow train from China), but intriguingly Chris also discusses what's happening with the jewellery business in Ireland - including the many Rolexes sent to the UK for repair (50-60 per week), as we never knew there were so much Rolexs in Ireland! BTW, Chris wants Richard Branson (probably our most favoured pick to date) to join his team at Crane.57.00" Did your careers guidance teacher ever say you should become a forager to make a living? No? Do you know how a forager makes a living? No? Well, that's why we asked Geraldine Kavanagh to join TeamGBS. She's been foraging since she was very young and has turned her incredible knowledge of native plants into a business. She brings clients for foraging walks/picnics in Wicklow, and that's so successful she's totally booked out for summer. The other side of her business is finding the botanicals for the multi-award winning Glendalough Gin, and how she puts together the flavours is utterly fascinating. It's a 'business' like no other. Geraldine's 'hire in a heartbeat'? And her 'hire in a heartbeat' choice. Herself! Find out why.

E 37 That Great Business Show - Aidan Donnelly, Davy, Bitcoin 101, Irish fashion doyenne, Helen McAlinden on future plans and where fashion comes from, Sharon Howard, MD, founding a travel magazine mid-lockdown plus top travel tips

Season 1, Ep. 37
Episode 37, That Great Business ShowPresented by Conall O Morain 3.00" Aidan Donnelly, Head of Equities, Davy gives Bitcoin the bullet. He says that buying into any cryptocurrency when you don’t really know what it is feels more like an analysis of the 2.10 race at Chepstow using the colour of the jockey’s silks. And, don't worry if you know nothing about Bitcoin or any of the other dodgy coins, Aidan explains it all in the TeamGBS way, absolutely no jargon allowed.19.00" Doyenne of Irish fashion, Helen McAlinden explains who 'creates' fashion, where it comes from, what happens to the 'winter collection' when no one buys it, how she spreads her brand working with Foxford Woolen Mills in Mayo and Finline Furniture in Laois. With her 'bricks and mortars' shop on Dublin's South William Street, she has a practical solution to the current traffic mess that discourages shoppers. Her 'hire in a heartbeat'? Liam Casey, Liam Casey, founder and CEO of global PCH.38.00" Sharon Jordan, with a huge background in the travel trade (it seems she's worked for most of the big Irish brands and some stage) seized an opportunity to buy the travel trade bible Irish Travel Trade Network, covering travel and tourism in Ireland and the world. She has advice for Fáilte Ireland to tell US travellers that Ireland is opening up for their business and she tells TeamGBS why they should avoid Portugal but head for the sun in Greece. Not surprisingly, her 'hire in a heartbeat' is Willie Walsh, former Aer Lingus, British Airways and IAG boss.That Great Business Show is proudly sponsored by

E36 That Great Business Show - BIG changes in SME insolvency law, Declan de Lacy, PKF accountants, unique software for retailers, Niamh Byrne,, 40 years knowledge of flextime, Ciaran Rowsome, Flextime

Season 1, Ep. 36
2" There are really big changes proposed for SME insolvency law and Declan de Lacy, Partner with accountants PKF, is all over them. It's 'only' taken a decade plus to get them towards the end line, but even now there are some big, big issues - not all good news for insolvent SMEs. Declan says we won't see the real devastation wrought by Covid until the middle of next year at the earliest, but that's when the doo-doo will hit the proverbial. If you're in business you HAVE TO listen to what you, or a colleagues in business, may be facing. Declan's 'hire in a heartbeat'? Ex-Anglo Irish banker, Declan McArdle.32' Digitise, digitise, digitise - that's one of TeamGBS's mantras. But what happens when the software you need, say for fashion retailers, doesn't exist? Well the true entrepreneur creates it. Niamh Byrne is boss at Gorey, Wexford boutique Ruby Red. But since Covid she's gone totally virtual and wow! sales have MORE THAN DOUBLED! From her Gorey HQ she's selling to Australia, North America and, of course, the UK. But by July she'll also be a tech entrepreneur, with her own software - unique to the world. Niamh's 'hire in a heartbeat' - Big Glasses herself, Sonya Lennon.55' Lots of people claim to know what the future of work looks like, but frankly, TeamGBS believes they know little or nothing. That's why we have scoured the planet for someone who might actually know what the future looks like, and we found him. He's Ciaran Rowesome (nephew of music legend Leo Rowsome) and he's been 'in' flextime with his company FlexTime for forty years...quite a bit before Covid so. His software is installed in Ireland (Dáil Éireann!), the UK (Her Majesty's Passport Offices!) and across Europe. Flexitime is here to stay he says, and it'll only get more 'flexi'. Ciaran's 'hire in a heartbeat'? Spotify founder Daniel Ek. Ciaran wants to be the Spotify of flextime, Flexify.