Episode 51 - Digital Vampires

Ep. 51

Richard Adams speaks to Tim Kindberg, a writer, digital creative and sceptic.

You may remember Tim, from 'Episode 27 - Technology for Sceptics', which we released 2 years ago. For those that don't remember, Tim's background is as a computer scientist. He founded matter II media which produced the platforms Vorb and Nth Screen, technologies for people to act collectively and creatively.

Tim is also a writer and has recently launched a new book, 'Vampires of Avonmouth'. The book is a gothic science fiction story, which is an action-packed exploration of mental enslavement - by systems of oppression, and by parts of our own selves.

In the episode Richard and Tim talk about 'Vampires of Avonmouth', its themes and Tim's process of writing it.

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