Episode 45 - Women In Gaming

Ep. 45

Sam Fry speaks to Vik Bennett, a writer, poet and creative producer.

Vik (known often in her writing as Victoria) is founder of the grassroots arts collective, Wild Women Press. As a result, she has spent the last twenty years curating platforms for women to share ideas, stories, inspirations, and actions for positive change. She also holds an MA in Creative Writing and has three decades experience working as a freelance writer and artist. Her writing has won the Andrew Waterhouse Poetry Award, the Mother's Milk Writing Prize, and a Northern Debut Award.

She is also director of The Wizard and The Wyld Ltd, a creating immersive playable poetry within video-game platforms. A frequent digital collaborator, she interested in how poetry and new technologies can be used to create meaningful and authentic narratives.

Recently, Vik has also begun a new project called Wild Woman Gamer – a celebration of the inspiring women working and creating positive change, within the gaming community.

In the episode, Sam and Vik talk about creative writing, about Wild Women Press, collaboration and about representation in gaming.

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