Episode 46 - Rules Of Engagement

Ep. 46

Richard F Adams speaks to Antonio Roberts, Nick Briz and Hannah Redler Hawes about the 'Rules of Engagement' exhibition.

'Rules of Engagement' is an exhbition from the Open Data Institute's (ODI) arts programme Data as Culture. By seeing people as more than just data points, the exhibition asks those with power to reimagine how we engage with data, advocating for an ethical data future for everyone.

'Rules of Engagement' is curated by guest curator Antonio Roberts and features artists Nick Briz, A.M. Darke and Everest Pipkin. Through their work, the artists ask important questions that all of us should be considering, such as why could there be mistrust in current data practices or should data collection even be considered in the first place and who are the people or communities impacted by data misuse.

In the episode, Richard speaks to Antonio, Nick and Hannah about the exhbition, about the ODI and their individual work. As well as about some of the broader ethical challenges that come with collecting and using data.

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